Border Crisis! All the BEST Immigration Cartoons!

We have a BORDER CRISIS festival of brilliant cartoons! The political cartoonists look at Trump, Biden, desperate refugees, children in cages and so much more! Its a festival of human misery, told in cartoons! You gotta laugh!

Daryl Cagle hosts four of our favorite editorial cartoonists!

ROB ROGERS has won a ton of awards and worked for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for decades before he was fired for criticizing President Trump by those bastards – Rob is a shining star in our profession, welcome Rob!

GARY McCOY has won a ton of awards too, including two Silver Reubens from the National Cartoonists Society, for magazine and greeting card cartoons. He is also a prolific magazine cartoonist and he draws TWO syndicated newspaper comic strips, The DUPLEX and The FLYING McCOYS — which is a crazy amount of work. Great to have you back, Gary!

RICK McKEE was the cartoonist for decades for the Augusta Chronicle in Georgia; he draws the comic “Pluggers” and we’ve syndicated Rick for 20 years, and Rick is one of our podcast favorites –welcome back, Rick!

ADAM ZYGLIS draws for the Buffalo News in New York. Adam has won the Pulitzer Prize and a ton of other prizes. Adam will have a special, solo exhibition of his work at the end of Septemberll at the Cartoon Museum in St Just le Martel, France. Welcome back, Adam!