A Great Cartoonist Got Fired for Drawing This Cartoon

Our favorite cartoonist, Steve Bell, was fired from the Guardian newspaper in Britain for drawing an anti-Semitic cartoon. The three top editorial cartoonists in Israel tell us why it wasn’t an anti-Semitic cartoon and why Steve should not have been fired. The cartoon depicts Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu carving a map of Gaza on his belly.

The Cartoonists:

Uri Fink is a very popular comic book artist and writer along with being an editorial cartoonist. He’s published 22 books of his popular Zbeng! comic strip and comic book and is the editor of the Zbeng magazine which has had over a two hundred issues. Uri is the president of the Association of Israeli Cartoonists and is an old convention buddy of mine. He went to Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem.

Michel Kichka is an editorial cartoonist for various Israeli TV channels, he draws graphic novels including an impressive one about his father who was a Holocaust survivor. Michel won the cow at St Just le Martel and a ton of other awards, and he’s a professor at the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem.

Moshik Gulst is an editorial cartoonist originally from Ashqelon, a city which has recently been devastated by rockets from Gaza. He currently lives in Tel Aviv area and is the head cartoonist for Israel’s largest circulation newspaper Israel Hayom, as well as several other newspapers. He is the author of several national award winning comic books And works closely with international human rights organizations. He studied at the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem.

00:00 The cartoon that was blamed for getting Steve Bell fired from the Guardian
00:00 Introduction and Israel’s Top Cartoonists
00:22 Discussion on Steve Bell’s Netanyahu Cartoon
01:02 Reaction to Steve Bell’s Firing
01:39 Israeli Cartoonists’ Perspective
02:54 The Role of Newspapers and Editors
03:32 Reflections on the Impact of the Firing
05:41 The Importance of Supporting Cartoonists
06:41 The Misuse of Anti-Semitism Accusations
07:29 Closing Remarks