Trump/Hitler! The Greatest TRUMP as HITLER Political Cartoons!

Daryl Cagle discusses the prevalence of Trump-Hitler cartoons – they are EVERYWHERE! Daryl is joined by three brilliant cartoonists, TAYLOR JONES, PAT BYRNES, and BILL DAY, who share their insights and thoughts all the best Trump-Hitler political cartoons! Be sure to subscribe!

Why Trump-Hitler cartoons? Ten Trumpy reasons:

1) Leader of a personality cult.
2) Strongman leader.
3) Theatricality and massive political rallies.
4) Hyper-nationalist (MAGA).
5) Calls to ban or deport immigrants – “VERMIN POISONING THE BLOOD of America”
6) Fetishization of masculinity. Vengeance. Weaponization of the DOJ.
7) Lost Golden Age Syndrome.
8) Promises to purge the disloyal from government (the “Deep State”).
9) Readiness to use violence in politics.
10) Demonization of political opponents, calls to jail opponents

Our Cartoonists on this Caglecast are:

BILL DAY worked for many years as the cartoonist for the Memphis Commercial Appeal and the Detroit Free Press. We’ve also syndicated Bill for 20 years and he’s won a ton of awards.

TAYLOR JONES is a brilliant caricaturist! He draws for the Hoover Digest at Stanford University, he was the staff cartoonist for many years for the El Nuevo Dis Newspaper in Puerto Rico and he drew for many years for US News and World Report magazine. And he’s won a ton of awards.

PAT BYRNES who is best known for his cartoons in the New Yorker, he draws all kinds of gag cartoons for other magazines, he did a comic strip for years called Monkeyhouse, and he’s an advertising illustrator who has won a bunch of awards.

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