Tucker Carlson Cartoons #9

Tucker Carlson Cartoons are the topic on today’s Caglecast –we’ve got cartoons about tanned testicles, Swanson TV dinners, Tucker’s lies from the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit discovery, snuggling up to Putin and denying the violence at the January 6th insurrection –we’ve got a Cartoon Tuckerfest!

Cartoons are a great insight into the news, distilling complex issues into images. We have the best cartoonists to explain what’s behind the cartoons, giving their witty insights on the Fox News and Tucker, who we now know were lying the whole time. This is a great Caglecast –don’t miss it!

Our three great cartoonist guests today are:

GARY McCOY, who draws two newspaper comics strips, The Flying McCoys and the Duplex in addition to drawing editorial cartoons for our CagleCartoons.com syndicate and lots of other stuff.  ED WEXLER, who is a brilliant caricaturist who worked for 30 years as a creative director at Disney. For 12 years he was a regular cartoonist for US News & World Report magazine. Ed is known for his caricature cover art for The Hollywood Reporter’s Academy Awards and Emmy Awards issues also for 12 years. And ADAM ZYGLIS, who is the Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist for The Buffalo News in New York.

The discussion turns into an argument with our conservative cartoonist friend, Gary, about whether the January 6th insurrection was even an insurrection at all, or just a pleasant day for tourists in Washington. We also have a close examination of Tucker’s testicles and Tucker’s relationship with Vladimir Putin.

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——— Here are some cartoons from this Caglecast!

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By Ed Wexler

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by John Darkow

by Pat Bagley
by Bart van Leeuwen
by Adam Zyglis
by John Darkow
by Dave Granlund
by Chris Weyant
by Dave Whamond
by Pat Bagley
by Gary McCoy
by Pat Bagley

Caglecast March 20, 2023

Tucker Carlson Cartoons

With Daryl Cagle, Ed Wexler, Adam Zyglis and Gary McCoy


[00:00:00] Daryl Cagle: Hey everybody. I’m Daryl Cagle and this is the

[00:00:02] Caglecast. We’re all about political cartoons, and today our topic is Fox News’s Tucker Carlson. We’ve got cartoons about tanned testicles, Swanson TV dinners. Tucker’s lies from the Dominion voting systems lawsuit discovery process, snuggling up to Putin and denying the violence on January.

[00:00:21] We’ve got a cartoon Tucker Fest and we have three great cartoonists with us today. Our conservative cartoonist, Gary McCoy, draws two newspaper comic strips, the Flying McCoys and the Duplex, in addition to doing editorial cartoons for us and lots of other stuff. Ed Wexler is a brilliant caricature. He’s worked for 30 years as creative director at Disney and.

[00:00:46] Cartoons for 12 years for a US News and World Report. He’s known for caricature cover art for the Hollywood Reporter Magazine’s, academy Awards, and Emmy Awards issues for 12 years as well. And Adam Zeigler [00:01:00] is the purely surprise winning cartoonist for the Buffalo News in New York. So we’ve got a great cast

[00:01:06] Ed Wexler: of cartoonists to

[00:01:07] Daryl Cagle: comment on Tucker Carlson today.

[00:01:10] Thank you for being here, gentlemen. Thanks for

[00:01:12] Gary McCoy: having us. Pleasure to be here.

[00:01:15] Daryl Cagle: Well, we’re gonna start it off with one of your cartoons, Adam. And this is Tucker on the TV pointing the remote at the Fox News, MAGA viewer with words news programming. Fox News, MAGA viewer is taking the instructions zombie, like from Tucker.

[00:01:32] This is how I think of Fox News. So what’s

[00:01:34] Adam Zyglis: funny, I don’t, I haven’t drawn many sitting on the couch or a chair watching TV cartoons, and I feel like it’s a, it’s a device that a lot of cartoonists … We’ll, we’ll go with, and when you’re commenting on watching tv, you can’t get around doing the, sitting on the couch watching TV cartoon.

[00:01:52] So I thought it was, this is actually speaking to my extended family a little bit, you know, just I’ve wid with some people in my, in my orbit that have [00:02:00] over the years, um, been exposed to Fox nonstop in their homes and, and generally just in a way got kind of brainwashed in certain ways. Especially with the big lie here.

[00:02:10] I mean, this was like my opportunity to, to seize on this with the, with the Dominion lawsuit. And the biggest thing about this that I wanted to capture was they denied. They didn’t even believe in this lie and they were pushing it, and mainly for ratings. But I knew of doing this. I’d get, uh, I’d trigger a lot of Fox News viewers and I did.

[00:02:28] So my, uh, my inbox.

[00:02:29] Daryl Cagle: Did you get a lot of response to this one?

[00:02:31] Adam Zyglis: I did. I, yeah, I, this was, I, I knew I was gonna get a good response in this. Did not disappoint. Um, a lot of people were just screaming, what about, you know, now EW went on MSNBC and cnn. But you know, again, the point is I’m the big why and the election being stolen.

[00:02:48] And that was the point that this was the channel and this was the mainly the commentator, uh, Tucker and, and amongst others that was really pushing

[00:02:55] Daryl Cagle: the big why so well, I wanna start off with one from each of you. This is from Gary McCoy [00:03:00] and it’s got the Dems afraid in bed. Like, uh, the dad is having a nightmare and the son’s looking under the bed for a monster and he says,

[00:03:07] Ed Wexler: it’s okay, dad, there’s no Tucker Carlson under your.

[00:03:10] So, uh, Gary. Mm-hmm. , tell us about

[00:03:13] Daryl Cagle: this one. You see, uh, Democrats being afraid of Tucker Carlson. Yeah.

[00:03:16] Gary McCoy: I’m not the, the fastest drawer, but I, I did this just this afternoon real

[00:03:21] Daryl Cagle: quick. I think this is your only Tucker Carlson cartoon.

[00:03:24] Gary McCoy: It is. I just worked it out so I could be in the podcast. Uh, uh, yeah, I mean, I’m, I’m, I’m always amazed at the, um, the, my, my friends on the left obsession.

[00:03:36] Tucker, he’s the highest rating cable news host. I know he says a lot of stuff that triggers people on the left. Uh, the main thing that really got him going lately has been the release of the January 6th videos, and I guess we’ll talk about that more. But, uh,

[00:03:54] Daryl Cagle: yeah, we’ll have some cartoons on that. Uh, I’ve got the major Tucker topics of the last few years.

[00:03:59] [00:04:00] Um, You know, rather than being afraid of him, this is more how I think of Tucker. This is a thing that Ed did that went crazy viral on the internet, and I’ve seen it. It’s unattributed to Ed. Uh, talk about this ed one

[00:04:13] Ed Wexler: afternoon. I just made the connection in my mind that Tucker’s expression was the same as curly’s and with the internet so convenient.

[00:04:21] I just slapped this together and, and posted it and that they really took

[00:04:25] Gary McCoy: off.

[00:04:26] Daryl Cagle: It has, I, I’ve seen this. That’s, that’s kind of crazy. Well, here is an excellent drawing that you did of Tucker Ed. I think this is just great. Tucker’s stepmother who adopted him was from the Swanson family of frozen food fame in the fifties and TV dinners.

[00:04:46] I was very fond of TV dinners in the season. I loved him.

[00:04:49] Ed Wexler: I loved

[00:04:49] Daryl Cagle: him. I

[00:04:50] Gary McCoy: loved him. I did too.

[00:04:51] Ed Wexler: Dessert came with a, a muffin or something

[00:04:54] Daryl Cagle: like that. Oh, tater tots. It had. P. Anyway, this is [00:05:00] great.

[00:05:00] Gary McCoy: Well, thanks.

[00:05:01] Ed Wexler: It was fun doing this one, actually. And I, I didn’t know that he was adopted until just recently.

[00:05:07] Gary McCoy: I didn’t know it either till just now

[00:05:09] Adam Zyglis: Anna Swanson connection too.

[00:05:11] That’s, I didn’t,

[00:05:12] Daryl Cagle: well, his, his father who was a famous journalist, uh, married, uh, woman from the Swanson family, who I think it’s very nice and admirable that she adopted Tucker. It’s all very nice. I, I haven’t read any bad news about him having the Swanson connection and, you know, some people accuse him of getting a big inheritance, but I also don’t know that that’s true.

[00:05:38] I haven’t read anything about that, but it’s just fun cuz it’s TV dinners. Tell us about this one, ed. Business looking like the Coppertone ads for suntan lotion is Tucker and it’s says Tucker Tone, testicle tanning. You know, Tucker did a big special on Fox where he’s talking about men not being macho anymore and how we need to be alpha males because that’s what [00:06:00] makes society work.

[00:06:01] And we’ve got all these girly men that are making society go down the tubes. And one of the things that he brought up was how cavemen were out in the sun and their testicles got sunshine. Now, men, these girly men, whether they have testicles or not, they’re not getting sunshine on their testicles. And if they did, that would make a big difference to their manliness.

[00:06:20] It was just absolutely craziness, and we got a bunch of cartoons on it. I’m gonna show them to you, but this one is yours, ed, and you have a story.

[00:06:28] Ed Wexler: Yeah, this one is mine, but it’s my cartoon, but it’s Steve San’s idea. I had just had some surgery on his hand and wasn’t able to draw, but he liked the idea and uh, gave it to me.

[00:06:41] Uh, you can see my little thanks Steve Sac in the lower left hand corner. Yeah, he sent me, he was able, he was able to do a rough thumbnail and I went and finished the quarantine. You see the, the dog is looking at the testicles too. . I just noticed that reaction

[00:06:59] Adam Zyglis: [00:07:00] too, how cool it was to finish a Steve Stack concept.

[00:07:03] It

[00:07:04] Gary McCoy: was very cool. What an honor. What a what? A Griffin. Yeah.

[00:07:06] Daryl Cagle: Isn’t that fun?

[00:07:08] Ed Wexler: Yeah.

[00:07:08] Daryl Cagle: I have a little group of testicle cartoons here about Tucker, and we got two businessmen walking along in a Bob Englehart cartoon, and one of them says, I had my balls tan and I still hate. Dave Granland draws a pair of tweezers in a magnifying glass.

[00:07:23] His parts are covered, and he says, you don’t believe that testicular tanning works here? Look for yourself. I think that’s

[00:07:31] Gary McCoy: funny. It can only work with one way with a guy. If it was a woman talking about something anatomy related, you know, we’d all be misogynist. Right. I like how guys can laugh and have

[00:07:45] Daryl Cagle: fun.

[00:07:45] Also, the way Putin is bros with Tucker, they both talk a lot about the girly men and how we need more macho men and they’re both very L G T B B Q intolerant. I part about

[00:07:58] Gary McCoy: Putin and Tucker being [00:08:00] bros. That interesting. Daryl, oh

[00:08:01] Daryl Cagle: boy. Uh, here is Tucker in bed with two of the Eminem characters, uh, flipping the status quo.

[00:08:09] The Eminem characters are pushing him out of bed. It’s interesting to me the obsession on Fox News with these Eminem characters. They are just so sex obsessed and they put their sex obsession onto all kinds of things. So like the Eminem’s characters, that’s something I find funny about conservatives.

[00:08:27] Gary McCoy: Hmm. Interest. I’m, I’m like the, the, the Fox guy here, and I don’t remember seeing Harini coverage at all about that. You

[00:08:36] Daryl Cagle: don’t remember how they were talking wall to wall about the m and ms?

[00:08:40] Gary McCoy: No. I think it may have come up on, you know, maybe some of their shows, but, um, but not, I mean, not to the extent that you’re portraying it.

[00:08:48] I guess. Again, we talked about this in the podcast we did with, uh, me and Rivers, how both sides kind of live in their own bubbles. Whenever I flip [00:09:00] over to BC or cnn, I see them waxing relentlessly about Trump and January 6th, and you know, we’re two years into the disastrous Biden administration and the economy tanking and war and immigration.

[00:09:17] And so I guess you have to go switch over to Fox and see m and m segments to kind of get away from that. Well, I

[00:09:24] Daryl Cagle: mean, Tucker and

[00:09:24] Adam Zyglis: Tucker’s playing those. Footage from from the January 6th. I mean, it’s going both sides, everyone. The insurrection. I mean, we should be talking about it. The Trump is running for president again.

[00:09:38] Daryl Cagle: I think that’s relevant. I’m just getting the, using Tucker, Tucker racist cartoons. We’ll get to the insurrection and if

[00:09:45] Gary McCoy: the insurrection that wasn’t Go ahead. I’m sorry, Daryl, go ahead. No,

[00:09:48] Daryl Cagle: here’s Tucker and he’s got two, uh, laughing black folks behind him from New Orleans and Flint, Michigan. And Tucker says East Palestine is being neglected because they’re white.

[00:09:58] It’s a woke. [00:10:00] This is drawn by our own Adam Zeig. Lets talk about this, Adam.

[00:10:04] Adam Zyglis: Yeah. I love, uh, cartoons that can kind of twist the narrative or give a different perspective on the topic and combine neutral from the past with the current one. And my first reaction to Fox new than the, the whole bringing in.

[00:10:18] Um, the fact that they’re white with sine like that, that some reason the Biden administration was punishing or gutti was punishing the population because they weren’t Biden voters, that they were somehow Trump voters. So they were being slow to respond was so absurd. And my mind instantly went to previous national disasters where the government with various Toyota respond and the, the people that suffered the most were, were African-American communities, uh, like in Flint, Michigan, the water crisis, the Wawa water crisis, and most famously New Orleans, um, you know, with Katrina.

[00:10:51] So I thought, I will, the cartoons that can kind of put several layers of opinion in there. And this, I touched a nerve and I got quite a bit of feedback on it.

[00:10:58] Daryl Cagle: I put a few of the, uh, [00:11:00] tucker racist ones. Here are the pilgrims coming on, on the Mayflower and the Indian, the saying to the other Indian. He asked me if I had heard about great replacement theory.

[00:11:12] Tucker is very big on replacement theory. He talks about he does. And uh, you know, that’s, that’s been one of the main, uh, talking points of white supremacist groups for many decades. You

[00:11:25] Gary McCoy: got, sorry. And then you’ve got Ch Schumer actually, uh, touting. You know, it’s, it’s their plan that reason they all, how the good thing about all this illegal immigration is that it’s going to, uh, change the voting roles and kind of shoots down the defense of their replacement theory.

[00:11:45] Conspiracy at the aim at Tucker.

[00:11:49] Daryl Cagle: Well, just the term replacement theory has such a history, you know, uh, that the white supremacist rallies, they carry their torches and they shout, uh, you will not replace. He [00:12:00] places himself with a group as he chooses the jargon of that group. And Robert. Robert, that’s really pretty

[00:12:05] Gary McCoy: ugly.

[00:12:06] Robert. Robert Bird was probably at some of those rallies. I gu

[00:12:10] Daryl Cagle: you, you like the what? Aboutm?

[00:12:12] Gary McCoy: Hey, you know the, that’s the thing. The what? Aboutm is always brought up from the left, except when they use it, it’s never a factor.

[00:12:22] Daryl Cagle: So, yeah. Well I guess as cartoonists we use it a lot. Um mm-hmm. , here’s. Pat Bagley on his replacement theory.

[00:12:30] Uh, he’s got the Fox News TV replacing the, the MAGA guy with, uh, uh, the poo poo emoji and taken out his brain. I think that’s pretty funny. Here’s, uh, Bob Englehart again, uh, Tucker with the hate and racism hair goop Tucker has very impressive hair. Here’s another replacement theory. One Fox News will not air January 6th hearings.

[00:12:54] It was amazing cuz I watched this channel on TV that shows all the news channels at once, and I flip between them and I see [00:13:00] very graphically the difference between all the other channels and Fox News. And it was just amazing to see the same view of all the January 6th hearings except on Fox, where they’re talking about the border or something.

[00:13:11] Very interesting contrast. So he’s got an ostrich in Fox with his head in the ground instead of the ostrich, the ostrich. Oh, I thought you’d

[00:13:19] Ed Wexler: want to show that the whole thing was a hoax and that mob was all

[00:13:22] Daryl Cagle: Antifa and Fox with the head in the ground says, Tucker needs time to talk about replacement theory and testicle tanning.

[00:13:30] All right, gentlemen, I’m moving on to Tucker and Vladimir Putin being bros. So here’s, uh, here’s another Bagley cartoon, and they’re watching Vladimir with Tucker, the Puppet. People, the audience are saying it’s amazing. You can barely see his lips move the Vlad Tuck show. What do you think about Tucker and Putin?

[00:13:50] That, that I

[00:13:50] Ed Wexler: like this cartoon. This I, I haven’t seen this one

[00:13:53] Gary McCoy: before. Yeah. There’s a lot

[00:13:54] Adam Zyglis: of great movement. Pat’s cartoons, you know, he really spends a lot of time making them look quick. It’s almost like a lot [00:14:00] of effort to make them look fast. And they’re just great movement to him. It’s hard to, to make it look like he drew it quick, you know, like in a really successful way.

[00:14:09] Yeah.

[00:14:11] Ed Wexler: It is a very fresh

[00:14:13] Gary McCoy: composition.

[00:14:14] Daryl Cagle: It is. And he draws on an iPad in Procreate, and he uses Ask

[00:14:18] Gary McCoy: the, he uses the great artist

[00:14:21] Daryl Cagle: the pencil tool in procreate. Okay. That looks like he’s drawing with a big, the Carpenter’s

[00:14:26] Ed Wexler: pencil. Yeah. Yeah. The textures. Yeah.

[00:14:28] Adam Zyglis: It’s, I, I switched to Procreate for color like about six months ago and I really like it.

[00:14:34] The I, apple Pencil is fantastic. Makes things really.

[00:14:38] Ed Wexler: You, you draw on paper, don’t you? I

[00:14:40] Adam Zyglis: had ’em, yeah. My lines hand drawn scan, scan ’em, uh, two ways. Once in black and white for the newspaper in like in bit Matt format, and then another way just color wines. And then I layer in the, the color on procreate.

[00:14:52] I love procreate for sketching.

[00:14:53] Daryl Cagle: Yeah, it’s cool. So here, here’s another, uh, Putin cartoon by, uh, JD Crow in Alabama. [00:15:00] He’s got, uh, the Tucker Carlson puppet. No, you’re a Putin propaganda tool. He says. And here is a Wman cartoon, another Putin puppet. When Tucker Carlson repeats Russian talking points, sometimes you can see Putin’s lips move.

[00:15:16] Tucker says, why is it disloyal? Decide with Russia. Why can’t Russia invade Ukraine? Why do we even have nato? Putin says, nice job. . Um, that’s another Fox news thing. It’s always the why this, why that. Why, why,

[00:15:32] Gary McCoy: why? So I’m waiting for the opportunity to rebut some of these premises, Daryl. Well, you can pop in.

[00:15:38] Daryl Cagle: Gary

[00:15:39] Ed Wexler: Rebut. We’re we’re on

[00:15:41] Daryl Cagle: Putin, and, and Tucker is his puppet.

[00:15:43] Gary McCoy: What? What? You got so, so Tucker. You know what he says is what most conservative with, which is, why should we be depleting our military? Why should we be furthering the debt piled on our children and grand children? [00:16:00] Why should we be so concerned about Ukraine’s borders while allowing illegal immigrant support across our borders?

[00:16:08] Why is that pro-Russia, why is that pro Putin at all? Because those are things that I care about, and I’m not pro Putin. I think Putin deserves, you know, to be thrown in the Hague. I, I’m not anything near Prop Putin, but I have a 13 year old son. I care about his future. I care. Us tampering with World War III Putin.

[00:16:34] If everybody believes that Putin is the mad man that he is, then why? Why try to provoke him into nuking Ukraine? I mean, there’s over a hundred thousand Ukrainian soldiers that have died and civilians, and there’s no talk about peace talks. Uh, in fact, I think the United States. Earlier attempts at peace talk between Russia and Ukraine.

[00:16:58] So why don’t we want peace? Don’t we want this [00:17:00] to end? But it’s like suddenly the left has become the, uh, the neocons. They’re, they’re the ones that are, seem to be craving longer, prolonged war with Russia.

[00:17:11] Adam Zyglis: See, I don’t think that’s, I don’t think that’s accurate. I think most people on the left don’t want war either.

[00:17:16] I see what you’re saying. And more people would agree with you on the left than you think. Not wanting to escalate war and being concerned about at home. And I haven’t heard that nuanced argument from Fox or from Tucker. Hey, Putin is wrong and we should be speaking out against them force. We, they don’t do that.

[00:17:33] Gary McCoy: He says it all the time. He, I’m sorry. He says that all the time. He always says, I’m, I’m not pro Putin. I’m not far Putin. But I mean, he, he’s, he’s been, he likes Putin. He’s, he’s, oh no, he doesn’t, he doesn’t like what has he ever said that is explicitly. That could be interpreted as him liking Putin. Oh, when I

[00:17:52] Daryl Cagle: watched him talking, the topic sounds very, very explicit.

[00:17:56] Yeah.

[00:17:57] Adam Zyglis: Can you repeat some of the arguments that Russia makes, [00:18:00] such as when they were going to war and the arguments that were coming out of Russia. Some of the, the clips he was replay were coming straight from the propaganda machine in Russia. I mean, I could find you a clip when I was taking Mr. I, I tried to tune in and I tried to find certain clips and it was just, it was alarming that it was almost like they were coming straight from Russia in terms of the arguments or some of the things he was saying, or some of the clips he were showing.

[00:18:27] So it is odd, like if he really just cared about America, he would actually speak forcefully against Putin and, and it’s this insanely horrible war and all the people being. But then, you know, um, have a nuance argument. But I haven’t heard

[00:18:40] Daryl Cagle: that. I think, I think he stands out among the Republicans as well for being so pro Putin because it’s, it’s a minority of Republicans that, that

[00:18:48] Gary McCoy: feel that way.

[00:18:49] No, it’s, there’s, there’s too many republican, uh, congressmen, uh, that are, and senators that are farthest war. They’re, they’ve, there’s so many, [00:19:00] so many neocons that are wanting this war to just go on forever. I mean, this talk that makes me sick when Biden. Says Ukraine will decide when this war’s over. I mean, what the hell are we talking about?

[00:19:12] This is our money. Why? Why does Valdimir Linsky get to dictate our foreign policy and when we can cut off the funds that are bankrupting our children? Why does this guy who’s shutting down Russian Orthodox churches and throwing monks from monasteries in. Why does he get to dictate and say, when will stop supporting his country?

[00:19:36] I mean, it’s not, the American people don’t even have a say so. Biden has explicitly said that it’s not up to us. It’s up to Zelensky to decide. And this is our money that we’re paying. This is our money that’s funding this, you know, billions of dollars when we’re paying, what, $10 for a dozen eggs in this country, and we’re letting illegal immigrants pour across our border killing Americans with.

[00:19:59] And [00:20:00] we’re, we’re okay with that. Our borders don’t matter. But Ukraine’s borders are sovereign and San. Uh, but if we want, if,

[00:20:06] Adam Zyglis: you know, if we don’t wanna get involved in a foreign conflict, we really don’t have a say in when the wars. So, I mean, you can’t have it both ways. If you wanna be America first isolationist, you can’t be upset when Biden’s saying, you know, it’s up to Ukraine when this wars over.

[00:20:20] Daryl Cagle: I’d be honest,

[00:20:21] Gary McCoy: it’s our money. Yeah. We, we can, we can,

[00:20:25] Adam Zyglis: You can decide what we invest, but the war could still go.

[00:20:29] Daryl Cagle: You look at all the money we’ve spent building up an arsenal against Russia over the years versus the money we’re spending on this. This is like the best investment in taking Russia down ever.

[00:20:38] Uh, much better than building up an arsenal.

[00:20:40] Gary McCoy: This is very effective. It’s not. It’s not. No, it’s not. Have you heard that Russia’s actually winning this war? That they’re actually ha they actually have the upper hand, but you don’t hear that through much of the media? I mean, crane is doing so well and how?

[00:20:56] We keep having to pump more and more military [00:21:00] hardware and weaponry into the country, this is not gonna end well for anyone. We should be taking an approach of peace negotiations as soon as we can get them, especially since we’re the ones funding this, uh, largely.

[00:21:15] Daryl Cagle: Well, I’m, I’m all for supporting Ukraine and I think it’s very effective use of money.

[00:21:20] I’m happy about it.

[00:21:22] Ed Wexler: It’s writing authoritarianism

[00:21:24] Daryl Cagle: from. Yeah. Defending a direct threat to NATO. At what cost?

[00:21:29] Gary McCoy: Clear. World War iii. I mean, look at China. Look what China’s doing in the South China Sea building. Air provoking. Going to start war with, uh, Taiwan. Probably imminently. You know, maybe this year we’re stretched so thin we’re sending all this stuff to Ukraine, and I hear that our own supplies are being de.

[00:21:53] Daryl Cagle: Well, we’ve got so much Tucker to go through. Here’s another one from Adam Ziegler with the Putin and Russian [00:22:00] dressing, dressing up Tucker as the minister of US Propaganda. They, they do talk on RT about, uh, how Tucker’s their favorite guy and he’s the only one in America that’s got it. Right. It’s it’s interesting.

[00:22:12] Here’s a Steve Sack does a little bit earlier, cause Tucker has been a, a Putin guy along with Trump for many years, and I miss Steve Sack. We’ve got, uh, Tucker with Carlson as a parrot on the Putin’s shoulder. He says,

[00:22:28] Ed Wexler: Putin is the enemy. Why is it disloyal

[00:22:30] Daryl Cagle: to side with Russia? And Putin says he’s good parent.

[00:22:35] I give him cracker. I think that’s cute.

[00:22:37] Gary McCoy: Thank you. You’re doing. Russian accent.

[00:22:40] Daryl Cagle: The voice. Exactly. . Here’s some McCarthy, couple of congresspeople looking at him, he’s got a spat in his hand instead of gavel, one says, what’s with the spatula?

[00:22:50] Gary McCoy: Lady says he

[00:22:52] Ed Wexler: gave his gavel to Tucker Carlson.

[00:22:55] Daryl Cagle: Here he is with his Fox News Gavel from Matson.

[00:22:57] A roll call. Here’s [00:23:00] another web cartoon with McCarthy. Feeding all the January 6th footage to a very hungry Tucker. Carls. You wanted to talk about January 6th and the Fox News Tucker Carlson argument that it was peaceful and not an insurrection. So go for it, Gary.

[00:23:17] Gary McCoy: Okay, well I’m going to just, I sent you some images.

[00:23:21] You don’t have to show them, but I, I’ve got ’em up on my screen, so I’ll just kind of run through these real, just some statistics. This is from the DOJ, our own Department of Justice numbers 950 Total Crimes. I don’t know how many people were there. The number is in the hundreds of thousands, couple hundred thousand maybe.

[00:23:42] Let’s go right to the insurrection convictions of insurrection number out of the total hundred 50 crimes. That would be, let’s see, from our own doj. Uh, that would be zero. Zero insurrections out of the January 6th in. And there’s [00:24:00] numbers of violent competing research is, wait, is your

[00:24:03] Daryl Cagle: point that because the prosecutions haven’t been more robust, that these things didn’t happen?

[00:24:08] They’ve

[00:24:09] Gary McCoy: been robust. They, they’ve got people locked up. There’s been 284 charges of violence, impeding, resisting, assault team entering the capitol. Out of the total 950 total crimes enter, entering the capital is 860. So people walking into the capitol. What shirt? So my, my, my point is the, in the word insurrection has been probably the most commonly used politically charged word in the last two years.

[00:24:38] Mm-hmm. . And there’s no charges of insurrection. So that just kind of like blows that out with the water. It’s a we versus, versus if if it wasn’t an insurrection, then there would be an insurrection charge, wouldn’t y’all? Well then, then why don’t we call it a a bunny hop? Cause Well, do you know it hop

[00:24:56] Daryl Cagle: It’s just a coincidence that the protest pushing into the [00:25:00] capitol happened at the time that they were counting the electoral college votes?

[00:25:04] It wasn’t

[00:25:05] Gary McCoy: an insurrection. Our own do. OJ says it wasn’t. They would’ve charged

[00:25:08] Daryl Cagle: them. Well, they’ll do whatever’s easy and they’re going easy on everybody and, and

[00:25:12] Adam Zyglis: have Mike Pence and bring a noose over there and try to find Mike Pence like it.

[00:25:19] Daryl Cagle: What happened?

[00:25:20] Adam Zyglis: You know, we all were there watching it. I mean,

[00:25:22] Gary McCoy: you don’t have to, but, okay.

[00:25:24] Conspiracy 50, charge 50 charges outta the 950. There were people you threw a water bottle. You were charged with having, with having a weapon, a flagpole, a water bottle. Okay. 99 out of the 950 99 of the charges were violent. I

[00:25:42] Daryl Cagle: would love to see more of them prosecuted. Daryl. They, they, but that’s not evidence that this was no insurrection.

[00:25:47] The fact they were charge trying to disrupt the government proceeding is the definition of insurrection.

[00:25:52] Gary McCoy: No, they weren’t. And you know that’s true.

[00:25:54] Ed Wexler: Cause it was, I coincide with this. What was the,

[00:25:58] Adam Zyglis: Gary, what was the point of it? What [00:26:00] if they were trying to overturn their election results? What were they doing?

[00:26:04] There were people at

[00:26:05] Daryl Cagle: There’s plenty of evidence of emails describing the purpose of trying to disrupt the count of the electoral colleges.

[00:26:13] Gary McCoy: Did you guys actually watch Tucker’s? Okay. Why did the media, why did the, the Democrats fight tooth and nail to keep the videos from being seen?

 [00:26:23] Daryl Cagle: Why, why do you make all these why statements? Why don’t you make an assertive statement? They should all be in in jail. I’d like to see many of them in jail. 140 policemen injured on that day. There should be a ton of people in jail that are not in jail.

[00:26:38] Gary McCoy: There are people in jail that haven’t been charged, that haven’t even had trial. They’ve been sitting in jail, wasting away for walking through the capitol. There’s a guy who walked. These are, this is the. You guys don’t want the videos shown because it’s actually shown what happened. Why else would you not want people to see the, they’re videos, video. They’re just clips.

[00:26:58] Adam Zyglis: They’re clips. We’ve, watched it. We’ve watched it.


[00:27:04] Gary McCoy: … going to do anything. There’s thousands of hours of video that we’re not shook up in between moments. The tug, that’s all the January lot of show slips. The Jan, yeah …

[00:27:15] Daryl Cagle: There’s a lot of hallways there. A lot of people taking a, a nice Sunday stroll somewhere in the Capitol that have nothing to do with what’s going on. That that doesn’t prove anything. It just lets the …

[00:27:24] Gary McCoy: January 6th … why the January 6th committee was all just clips as. There’s a guy shown in the video. He was in the Capitol. He walked in, there’s a clock showing how long he was.

[00:27:35] He walked in. Walked in about the Shaman character. No, no. We’ll get to him later. A guy walked in, had a MAGA hat, a Capitol Hill cop told him to leave. He turned around, walked out. The clock rang. While he was in the Capitol, he was in the Capitol for less than I think a minute and a. He’s charged. He’s looking at like a year in jail for that.

[00:27:57] Less than one minute. Walking in, turning around and walking [00:28:00] out. You gotta be kidding. Me and Daryl, you don’t think they’re, they’re charging these people or going after them hard enough. I think the numbers I showed you that people are locked up, are being charged for like walking in the capitol and taking pictures.

[00:28:12] That’s what it was. Thousands. He broke into the capitol. No violence. He didn’t, he didn’t break in. He walked. They

[00:28:19] Adam Zyglis: as a group, as a mob. How many people?

[00:28:21] Gary McCoy: Okay, it was part of a group. We’ll establish that there were violence there.

[00:28:26] Daryl Cagle: Gary, you were counting through those numbers as though those numbers were low to make the point that these things didn’t happen because the prosecutions are low.

 [00:28:35] Gary McCoy: No, I said that PE that they happened hundreds is of what? Crimes, total crimes. Out of 950. You’ve got violent weapons or serious injury. 99. Out of 950, that’s people that could have had a flagpole or swung a flagpole or through a water bottle that’s a violent weapon or serious injury charge for January 6th.

[00:28:58] Look, you can [00:29:00] fire,

[00:29:01] Daryl Cagle: you. Make things,

[00:29:01] Gary McCoy: weapon should, oh, you mean the, the one that supposedly, uh, Brian Sicknick supposedly died from, which he didn’t. That was all over the news. CNN reported it, MSNBC reported it that, uh, Capitol Hill police officer. Anderson Cooper said he died from being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher.

[00:29:20] That was a lie. That was a flat out lie, and that stuff went on for months on, on the left. What was killed

[00:29:27] Adam Zyglis: How does it make a difference between whether it’s an insurrection or how is this, how is

[00:29:32] Gary McCoy: that point? I’m talking about the. We’re talking about the lies that were spread about this and, and insurrection again.

[00:29:38] Adam Zyglis: B media jumps the to a story and they wanna, they wanna be first with it. It turns out they’re wrong a lot. And that happens and they, it happens a lot. That’s why I don’t rely on TV news when it’s live and breaking and newspapers on the left and the right Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, uh, you can’t believe what you’re watching from Tucker or for [00:30:00] anybody on, on broadcast until you verify it in my.

[00:30:04] Gary McCoy: I’ll go along with that. You’re, you’re right. Um, I guess again, the point I wanted to make was, is just that the whole thing was billed as something, I think it was overblown. There were, there was violence there, there was a murder that day was a Trump supporter. There were cops assaulted, and I believe every single one of those should be prosecuted and tried to the fullest extent of the law.

[00:30:27] I. But I think people walking in that were later tracked down at their homes that walked in and took a picture and and turned around and walked out. Like this guy who I just, uh, told you guys about, I think that’s a little bit of excessive and it just makes you wonder. Not everybody was there to overthrow the election.

[00:30:45] There were people there cause they were at a rally. They were upset. Speaking of the Q-Anon shaman, there’s video. They all knew it was,

[00:30:53] Daryl Cagle: it was time to coincide with trying to disrupt the count of the electoral. If you’re in [00:31:00] there, that that was the purpose. You knew what you

[00:31:01] Adam Zyglis: were doing while you’re inside the capitol.

[00:31:02] I mean, imagine if you’re arrested, your friends arrested for shoplifting, and you’re right there with ’em, without, you know, you broke, you went into the place, you broke in with them, but you didn’t actually take anything, but you’re part of the group. I mean, they knew what they were doing.

[00:31:14] Daryl Cagle: It was very clear that the police didn’t want them to come in.

[00:31:17] They knew what they were doing. They were coming in

[00:31:19] Ed Wexler: because they had the legitimacy of a

[00:31:20] Daryl Cagle: crowd and President tour.

[00:31:23] Gary McCoy: There’s like, there’s like there, there’s like nine Capitol Hill policemen standing there. And then the QAN non shaman goes into the Capitol, the Senate Chamber, and he says a prayer Q-Anon shaman is being escorted down and down the halls.

[00:31:37] And then he goes into the Capitol, the Senate Chamber, and he says, a prayer for the Capitol Hill police. Okay, this evil insurrectionist, and then he’s outside. What? He’s out. He’s outside. Well, I mean, how violent, I mean, what. The whole thing. I saw Tucker

[00:31:55] Ed Wexler: Carlson bring the

[00:31:57] Daryl Cagle: QAN on Shaman’s family on and [00:32:00] uh, do all of this sympathetic to Qan on Shaman stuff and how he was treated so badly and he was just walking around.

[00:32:06] Look, he’s talking to the policeman very nicely. That’s how policemen are trying to deal with people or they can, I mean, uh, don’t wanna shoot him just cause he is there and not attacking you. It makes

[00:32:17] Gary McCoy: sense. They shot Ashley bad of course. Attacking. Theon Sha Ashley

[00:32:23] Ed Wexler: ba, little

[00:32:24] Gary McCoy: Air. You don’t kill somebody.

[00:32:26] A veteran of the United States army of female, an unarmed woman. You don’t murder someone in the blood. I shoot hate, hate seeing

[00:32:33] Daryl Cagle: anybody killed. I hate seeing Ashley Babbitt killed. I would much rather see her safe and alive and imprison. Now

[00:32:39] Gary McCoy: please. Okay. I would too not, not dead there. There’s certain, there’s reasons when an officer can use deadly violence.

[00:32:48] You have to, your life for someone else’s life has to be at risk. She wasn’t if this,

[00:32:53] Adam Zyglis: imagine if this group was people of color. Not,

[00:32:57] Gary McCoy: but, but that’s not what I’m, but she wasn’t putting [00:33:00] anybody, I’m sorry. She wasn’t putting anybody’s life at risk. She didn’t deserve to be murdered. She, she was unarmed. She wasn’t in any immediate threat.

[00:33:07] She wasn’t in proximity to, well, the perception that was,

[00:33:10] Daryl Cagle: that there was a huge crowd behind her breaking through the door, right? And he was protecting against the huge crowd and not paying attention to the fact that he’s shooting one little woman. And, well,

[00:33:20] Gary McCoy: that, that you, when you’re holding a vi, uh, a deadly weapon, you’re supposed to be better.

[00:33:26] The same guy left one of his guns, I think in a restroom. The Capitol Hill policeman who shot and killed Ashley Babbitt left. He, he had a, he was written up for leaving, uh, a loaded gun, I guess in a restroom, maybe in the Capitol or somewhere, but it’s on his record. But you don’t hear about that, but yeah, but like, make a point here, that’s negligent.

[00:33:44] Adam Zyglis:

[00:33:45] But imagine, imagine a crowd like that humming in and storming in, versus an individual in a car, a person of color that ends up dying. I. A part of why I think these people aren’t prosecuted worse, maybe could be white privilege even. I mean, imagine if [00:34:00] these were all people of color breaking in the Capitol building, you think they would’ve like beat escorting them and holding their hands as they walked through the halls?

[00:34:07] I mean, you’re right. And it was negligent and maybe it wasn’t the right fall, but it’s also, it’s hard to criticize people when they’re being stormed by a mob of, of people. That’s a, that’s a hard. So, no, I didn’t during that situation, you don’t know what you’re gonna do. You don’t want to do that though. We all went defend in a jail cell.

[00:34:27] Daryl Cagle: I get it. He’s not supposed to let them get through the door. That was his job.

[00:34:31] Gary McCoy: It’s not his job to kill a woman, Daryl. That’s a tragedy.

[00:34:36] Daryl Cagle: It is. That’s

[00:34:37] Adam Zyglis: why I see

[00:34:37] Gary McCoy: that nobody wants to, it’s not white privilege either for a, a white woman, ex veteran to get, uh, a veteran to get killed.

[00:34:45] Shot in the. If your, if your concern is that, well, if she comes through, then everybody behind her’s gonna come through. Then you deal with the situation at that time when if she breaches the door comes through, then you’re totally, [00:35:00] you know, in your right to shoot her. If you feel like your life is threatened, not through a window that she’s just climbing up a door on the other side Anyway.

[00:35:09] But, oh, okay. Well, let’s get, we’ve, 

[00:35:12] Daryl Cagle: We’re not gonna get through the cartoons if we keep arguing about this stuff. So here is, okay. Uh, Tucker Carlson, and he’s holding his angry Tucker Carlson mask and his, his knit brow mask. And he says, as you can clearly see in the security footage, Pearl Harbor was an attacked, they were just peaceful Japanese tourists. What if they just wanted to take a Pearl Harbor tour? I’m just [00:35:33] Asking the questions. Tucker Carlson, he’s just asking the questions. It says in the lower third. That’s what I hear with your arguments in the Fox News arguments. The arguments are always why, why, why not actually assertive counter-arguments? Jquestions that are, Here and there,

Gary McCoy:  Daryl, I think it’s relevant to ask why, why, why, when. What’s wrong with showing the video of what happened? If you say, well, it’s, it’s not edited. It might be [00:36:00] clips. You can’t show 40,000 hours of video, but that’s all. January 6th committee did was show their clips, but they wanted to show the clips of the violent part.

[00:36:08] Ed Wexler: Tucker, everybody’s, I’m not interested in the empty hallway. I’m just the violent part. Huh. That’s where people, that was the, that’s the crime That’s what I wanna see. Right.

[00:36:19] Gary McCoy: But if you show hundreds of people just walking through the hall, taking pictures, picking up, what’s the point? It shows that it, it, it shoots down the narrative that this was all the violent direction.

[00:36:30] Once was only walking

[00:36:31] Ed Wexler: through, oh, they were like, “Nancy, Nancy.”

[00:36:36] Gary McCoy: Oh my gosh.

[00:36:36] Daryl Cagle: They were riding on the walls with their feces.

[00:36:40] Gary McCoy: And Nancy talking about, you know, she’d like to punch the president in the face and Joe Biden like to take him back behind. And everybody wonders. You know, where do we get this violence? [00:36:49] And uh oh no, Trump was never speaking of violence to  reporters or, well, that’s the thing. That was always, it was always Trump’s so violent. Trump’s so violent. Then you have Nancy Pelosi, um, [00:37:00] oh, what the hell? Yeah, you had just numerous democrats, you know, saying Trump should be punched. Uh, guy from Montana. Um, what the hell that, so what about argument?

[00:37:12] Daryl Cagle: So here is drawn by John Darkow. Well, we haven’t been saying. What about, so here’s the Darkow cartoon and he’s Tucker Carlson, he’s on the TV with his January 6th video investigation saying, who are you gonna believe me are your lyin’ eyes? That’s how I see it. Here he is with his, uh, sanitizer and blood stained remover by Dave Graland.

[00:37:35] I’ve gotta skip the ones that have too many words in them. Here he is with his Fox News, brainwash moisturizer. Lies. That’s a pretty gooey looking brain on that, that uh, mega TV watcher. Very what? ? Yeah, that’s a Dave Whamond cartoon. Uh, here’s, uh, Rupert Murdoch. Uh, Fox News is not a for the Republican Party, he says as he’s inside the elephant’s mouth.[00:38:00]

[00:38:00] Here’s Chris Weyant. He’s got the principal at the school. He says, we’ve caught your son in a series of lies. We’re concerned. He’s headed to a career on Fox News, and it’s a classic. That is a classic, isn’t it? should be our cover for this episode. Gentlemen, I have gone through the cartoons. We’ve done the insurrection, we’ve done testicle tanning, we’ve done Fox News lies from the Dominion lawsuit Discovery.

[00:38:27] We had a TV dinner. What more do we need to say about Tucker

[00:38:31] Gary McCoy: Carlson? Glad you guys can’t see below my waist, right? ? Um, no, it’s been fun. I have to go get some, uh, Friday fish, but just want you guys to know that um, you know, you guys are my friends, my colleagues, but we just have different opinions and uh, that’s what makes it fun, right?

[00:38:50] Daryl Cagle: That’s right. Well, good to see. We love you.

[00:38:51] Gary McCoy: See you, Gary. You too guys. Take care. And it’s fun. Can’t wait to see you guys in person again. Any more? Last Tucker words. Are we outta here? No, it’s been, [00:39:00] thanks, Daryl. Okay, see you later,

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