Joe Biden Political Cartoons! Joe and Hunter Biden are Bashed by Conservative Cartoonists #31

We have three of the best conservative cartoonists showing off and discussing their Joe Biden and Hunter Biden cartoons. CagleCartoonists Gary McCoy and Rivers join two time Pulitzer winner, Michael Ramirez for a fun and lively episode #31 of the Caglecast! They talk about Hunter’s scandals and special interest money, Joe Biden’s “dementia,” their views of liberal media, their perspective on Biden’s “failed policies,” their use of humor and satire in political cartoons, and the reactions from editors and readers to their conservative perspective in what they view as a liberal media world. They also talk about their process of drawing cartoons and what crosses the line as inappropriate in a cartoon. This is a view inside the conservative media bubble into the passion behind their dislike for Joe and Hunter Biden.

MICHAEL RAMIREZ is a two time Pulitzer winner and a good old friend of mine for many years. His work is syndicated to hundreds of newspapers by another syndicate than ours, and he’s the full time cartoonist for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which is an excellent, cartoon friendly newspaper! Michael has won a ton of awards, and his work is brilliant, as you will see here.

RIVERS is our anonymous, brilliant, conservative cartoonist here at Cagle Cartoons, but I can tell you that he has also won a ton of awards in his previous cartoonist life, which shall not be named and he’s a good looking fellow under the mask.

GARY McCOY is brilliant, conservative and has won a ton of awards too, including ten Silver Reubens from the National Cartoonists Society. He is also a prolific magazine cartoonist and he draws TWO syndicated newspaper comic strips, The DUPLEX and the FLYING McCOY BROTHERS — which is a crazy amount of work.

Daryl Cagle is your cartoonist host! Read more about Daryl at

Cartoons discussed in the Caglecast:

00:00:00 Introduction to the CagleCast with three conservative cartoonists
00:00:43 Discussion about Hunter Biden’s controversial activities
00:03:07 Conversation about Hunter Biden’s gun application and hypocrisy
00:05:13 Analysis of a cartoon depicting Hunter Biden leaving mud in the Oval Office
00:06:46 Introduction of anonymous cartoonist Rivers and discussion of his cartoons
00:07:21 Analysis of Rivers’ cartoons featuring Hunter Biden
00:08:08 Introduction of cartoonist Gary McCoy and discussion of his cartoon
00:09:04 Humorous cartoon about Hunter Biden interrupting a business call with his dad
00:09:04 Discussion about Joe Biden’s involvement in business meetings
00:09:21 Conversation about Hunter Biden’s personal life
00:09:53 Gary McCoy’s desire to look at other cartoonists’ work
00:10:07 Michael Ramirez’s success with movie parodies
00:10:26 Michael Ramirez’s use of relatable images in cartoons
00:10:54 Michael Ramirez’s cartoon on the IRS and government control
00:11:33 Michael Ramirez’s experience with being audited
00:11:58 Michael Ramirez’s cartoon on the negative impact of Bidenomics
00:12:38 Discussion on the dominance of liberal media organizations
00:15:10 Debate on the decline of substantive political cartoons
00:16:07 Conversation about the lack of appealing presidential candidates
00:17:31 Gary McCoy’s shift from being a never Trumper to pro Trump
00:17:59 Daryl Cagle’s observation of Gary McCoy’s lack of Trump cartoons
00:18:17 Rivers’ perspective on drawing cartoons on the current president
00:18:17 Liberal cartoonists focusing on Trump.
00:19:14 Ramirez draws Trump cartoons as an equal opportunity offender.