Taylor Swift and Donald Trump –Together at Last!

Taylor Swift! Trump! Three great political cartoonists Jeff Koterba, Rick McKee, Taylor Jones and Daryl Cagle join nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, Jase Graves for a fun and lively discussion discussion through cartoons! In Caglecast Episode #34 we discover the amazing connections between Trump and Taylor Swift, and how they are influencing the political landscape, all in cartoons!  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you never miss a Caglecast!

I’m Daryl Cagle and this is the Caglecast, we’re all about political cartoons – today our topic is TRUMP and TAYLOR SWIFT

I like Taylor Swift. Most political cartoonists criticize president Trump, and so does Taylor Swift, who is a pro choice feminist, she supports LGTBQ rights and gun control, she supported Biden/Harris in the last election, is very effective in getting out the vote from her legions of Swifties and she’s a supporter of Black Lives Matter who calls for the removal of Confederate statues in Tennessee, where these monuments to Confederate racist traitors are ubiquitous. I like all of that.

We’re three old cartoonist men and one columnist, doing a podcast that is watched mostly by men over 65 who only want to see cartoons bashing Trump, so, I’ll introduce you all with one Taylor Swift cartoon and your most recent Trump cartoon, to meet our Trump obligation, and we’ll proceed to discuss Taylor Swift cartoons.

We have three brilliant political cartoonists and one columnist …

Jase Graves is a nationally syndicated humor columnist who we syndicate at Cagle Cartoons. He’s great, his columns run everywhere , he’s won a bunch of awards and he’s also a university professor and closet Swifty with THREE Swifty daughters.

Jeff Koterba is possibly our most popular cartoonist, he’s drawn for over thirty years for the top newspaper in Nebraska, his cartoons have flown around the world on the Space Shuttle Discovery, and he’s been struck by lightening


Rick McKee was the cartoonist for decades for the Augusta Chronicle in Georgia; he draws the comic “Pluggers” and we’ve syndicated Rick for 20 years. Rick generated the first syndicated political cartoon that was drawn by AI, that we discussed on Caglecast number SIX.

TAYLOR JONES is a brilliant caricaturist! Taylor draws for the Hoover Digest at Stanford University, he was the staff cartoonist for many years for the El Nuevo Dis Newspaper in Puerto Rico and he drew for many years for US News and World Report magazine. And he’s won a ton of awards.