The First Syndicated Political Cartoon Drawn by Artificial Intelligence with Rick McKee #6

Our guest is the brilliant editorial cartoonist, Rick McKee, who “created” the first syndicated political cartoon drawn by artificial intelligence. Rick has amassed an impressive collection of art he made through A.I. and he shares the images with us and talks about how it all works and the threat A.I. poses to to illustrators and editorial cartoonists.

Hosts Daryl Cagle and Brian Fairrington of discuss the implications of A.I. on the arts and on the editorial cartooning profession, and how we’ll deal with it in the near future. Rick’s samples look great, showing how A.I. looms as a job killer for creative artists. We also show and discuss the most popular editorial cartoons that Rick has ever drawn, and examine why they were so popular.

This Caglecast is available in both audio and video versions; to view the images from the podcast, or to access the video version, visit See the entire archive of Rick’s editorial cartoons at: