Israel at WAR! Top Israeli cartoonists discuss the current situation through cartoons. Michel Kichka, Uri Fink and Moshik Gulst #29

Cartoons are never more important than at a time of war – and never so difficult to draw. Daryl Cagle interviews three top Israeli editorial cartoonists, Michel Kichka, Uri Fink, and Moshik Gulst, about their cartoons on the current war with Hamas.

In this episode the cartoonists discuss the complexity of the situation, the role of PR in the war, and the challenges of depicting the ongoing violence. They also touch on the perception of Israel’s military and intelligence capabilities, the role of Hamas in the conflict, and the impact of the conflict on Israeli society.

Host Daryl Cagle ( interviews: –

Michel Kichka: An editorial cartoonist for various Israeli television stations and a professor at Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem. He is also known for his graphic novels, including one about his Holocaust survivor father. –

Uri Fink: A popular comic book artist, writer, and editorial cartoonist. He is the president of the Association of Israeli Cartoonists and has published numerous books and magazines. –

Moshik Gulst: The head cartoonist for Israel Hayon, the highest circulation newspaper in Israel. Moshik is also the author of award-winning comic books.


00:00:00 Introduction to three of Israel’s top newspaper political aartoonists Michel Kichka, Uri Fink and Moshik Gulst.
00:01:39 Discussion about the use of the Dove of Peace in cartoons.
00:02:30 Reflection on the shocking events of the war and its impact.
00:03:27 Conversation about the PR war and the perception of the conflict.
00:04:56 Criticism of the notion of symmetry and disproportional reactions.
00:06:42 Frustration with Arab cartoonists’ celebration of the conflict.
00:07:38 Internal debate about the Israeli government’s role in the situation.
00:08:45 Perception of Israel’s competence and its impact on the conflict.
00:09:13 Discussion of the complexity and regional implications of the conflict.
00:09:32 Michel Kichka discusses the danger of the conflict in the region.
00:10:03 Uri Fink talks about his cartoon depicting Harvard students protesting against Israel.
00:11:25 Uri Fink explains his cartoon featuring Gal Gadot and Mark Ruffalo.
00:13:31 Moshik Gulst discusses his cartoon depicting a Hamas artist and the inspiration for terror attacks.
00:15:18 Moshik Gulst talks about the evergreen theme of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. 00:17:54
Michel Kichka adds his thoughts on the recent attacks and the tragedy of the situation.
00:19:09 Introduction to the discussion about the conflict between Israel and Hamas
00:19:20 The Israeli cartoonists criticize a Chris Weyant cartoons for “symmetry”.
00:20:14 Uri Fink’s view on Hamas and its goal
00:21:39 Michel Kichka likes a cartoon by Tom Janssen from Holland, depicting hostages in tunnels.
00:22:39 The cartoonists disagree on the portrayal of Netanyahu in a cartoon by Bart van Leeuwen, from the Netherlands.
00:24:11 Uri Fink’s perspective on criticizing the government during war
00:24:33 Discussion on a Dave Granlund (USA) cartoon with blind Netanyahu; the cartoonists don’t like it.
00:25:21 Uri Fink’s confusion about an Andy Singer cartoon depicting a dog biting its own tail
00:26:30 Michel Kichka’s interpretation of the Andy Singer cartoon
00:27:17 Discussion on another Dave Granlund cartoon about civilians told to evacuate from Gaza. The Israeli cartoonists don’t like it.
00:28:09 Debate about whether civilians in Gaza have a place to evacuate to.
00:29:23 Conversation about the support for Hamas among Gaza civilians.
00:30:06 Cartoon by Emad Hajjaj from Jordan. Mention of Palestinians being used as human shields by Hamas.
00:31:11 Difficulty for moderate Arabs to condemn Hamas and identify with Israel.
00:31:27 Analysis of a Marian Kamensky (Austria) cartoon showing Palestinians bringing the war upon themselves.
00:32:19 Criticism of another Emad Hajjaj cartoon comparing Hamas to a cat.
00:33:11 Discussion on the serious nature of editorial cartoons.
00:33:53 Reminder to subscribe to the Caglecast and announcement of a part two.
00:34:11 Farewell and hope for peace.