Global Warming Cartoons! Our Political Cartoonists debate Climate Change Through Their Cartoons!

Editorial cartoonists Pat Bagley, Graeme MacKay, and Rod Emmerson discuss climate change with Daryl Cagle in this episode of the Caglecast. They share their cartoons and their thoughts on the denial of climate change, the role of fossil fuels, and the need for action. The cartoonists highlight the impact of climate change on wildlife, the challenges of transitioning to renewable energy, and the importance of public awareness. They also touch on the role of politicians and the need for global cooperation.

The brilliant, award winning cartoonists emphasize the urgency of addressing climate change and the need for collective action. The cartoonists also discuss the impact of climate change in the places where they live, Utah, Canada and New Zealand. They criticize the lack of action from certain countries and leaders. The conversation concludes with a call to continue drawing climate change cartoons to raise awareness and inspire change.

Pat Bagley: Award-winning editorial cartoonist for the Salt Lake Tribune since 1979. Winner of the Herblock Award.
Graeme MacKay: Brilliant cartoonist for the Hamilton Spectator in Ontario, Canada. Winner of multiple awards.
Rod Emmerson: Cartoonist for the New Zealand Herald since 2003. Winner of two Australian Stanley Awards for Best Editorial Cartoonist of the Year.

Timestamp Summary
00:00:00 Introduction of cartoonists and topic of climate change
00:01:08 Discussion about cartoons depicting the world burning
00:02:07 Conversation about Europe’s reliance on Russian oil
00:02:34 Doubts about the effectiveness of carbon credits
00:04:02 Humorous cartoon about climate change and s’mores
00:04:58 Discussion of a complex budget cartoon
00:06:30 Extreme weather events in New Zealand
00:07:43 Impact of climate change on New Zealand’s weather
00:08:11 Denial of climate change and its portrayal in cartoons
00:08:42 Cartoon depicting the poaching of the Earth
00:08:32 Cookbook for poaching the earth
00:09:03 Cartoon on Republicans denying climate change
00:09:41 Utah legislature influenced by oil and gas industry
00:10:55 Cartoon on right-wing Christians and climate change
00:11:27 Cartoon on Republicans prioritizing money over the future
00:12:41 Lack of focus on climate change in American politics
00:13:34 Discussion on Russia’s contribution to climate change
00:14:19 Release of methane gases from melting permafrost
00:15:03 Cartoon on denial of extreme heat
00:15:53 Exxon’s knowledge of climate change in the 1970s
00:17:09 Wildfires in Canada causing orange sky in Milwaukee
00:17:42 Prevailing winds and climate change’s long-term effects
00:19:08 Unusual weather events: floods, heatwaves, and rainstorms
00:19:49 Decline in bird and insect populations
00:21:48 Transition to renewable energy and its challenges
00:23:13 Oil companies’ presence at COP conferences
00:23:56 Short-term focus of politicians and their inaction on climate
00:24:55 Trudeau’s Liberal Party and carbon tax carve-outs
00:25:40 Trudeau’s change in stance on carbon tax
00:26:01 Political opportunism and impact on climate change efforts
00:26:01 Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax policy causing trouble in Canada
00:26:59 Conservative Pierre Pauliev lacks policy on climate change
00:28:18 Parallels between COVID deniers and climate change deniers
00:29:02 Mistrust for science is largely on the right of the spectrum
00:29:42 Editorial cartoonists are better pundits than columnists
00:31:44 Trump’s promise to bring back coal was not realized
00:32:13 Coal is still being used in poor countries like India
00:33:32 Cartoonists receive complex cartoon ideas but are lazy
00:34:33 People blame government for climate change but resist individual action
00:35:06 Cartoon about COVID recession, climate change, and biodiversity collapse
00:35:06 Cartoon waves representing COVID recession, climate change, and biodiversity collapse.
00:35:25 Cartoonist noticed people adding their own waves to the cartoon.
00:36:13 Cartoonist repossessed the cartoon and added the biodiversity collapse wave.
00:37:19 Alien invasion suggested as a possible fifth wave.
00:37:28 Cartoon depicting big banks as the octopus and their hypocrisy.
00:38:02 Cartoonist criticizes politicians’ hypocrisy on climate change.
00:38:47 Cartoonist highlights Justin Trudeau’s lack of action on emissions.
00:39:32 Cartoonist criticizes conservative politicians’ opposition to carbon taxes.
00:40:21 Cartoonist mocks conspiracy theories denying climate change.
00:42:14 Cartoonist depicts the penguin on a melting iceberg, symbolizing climate change.
00:43:36 Cartoonist references 2001 Space Odyssey to illustrate climate change skepticism.
00:44:26 Cartoonist highlights the lack of storm water infrastructure for climate change.
00:44:13 Storm water infrastructure required for climate change
00:46:08 EVs running up against dairy and beef industry
00:47:30 Dairy industry’s opposition to climate change laws and EV incentives
00:49:53 Military helmet with “born to save the planet”
00:50:27 Despot regimes’ indifference to climate change
00:51:09 Putin’s bruised ego as a threat to civilization
00:51:55 Former PM John Key’s poor contribution to greenhouse gases
00:52:26 Greta Thunberg declaring climate emergency
00:52:37 Polar bear holding up arms of unknown individuals
00:53:11 Conclusion and thanks for watching