The Best of TRUMP Number Two

See the BEST political cartoons about Donald Trump, straight from the elephant's butt! Join DARYL CAGLE in this lively episode of the Caglecast, featuring returning editorial cartoonists ADAM ZYGLIS, RICK McKEE, and RANDY ENOS. Dive into a comedic journey as they showcase their brilliant Trump cartoons, discuss the impact of political satire, and share behind-the-scenes insights into the contentious world of editorial cartooning. With a mix of humor and sharp wit, the cartoonists navigate through the challenges of crafting Trump caricatures, dealing with social media censorship, and engaging with both critics and fans. Don't miss this fascinating blend of art, politics, and commentary.

ADAM ZYGLIS draws for the Buffalo News in New York. Adam has won the Pulitzer Prize and a ton of other prizes. Adam will have a special, solo exhibition of his work at the end of September at the Cartoon Museum in St Just le Martel, France.

RICK McKEE was the cartoonist for decades for the Augusta Chronicle in Georgia; he draws the comic "Pluggers" and we've syndicated Rick for 20 years, and Rick is one of our podcast favorites.

RANDY ENOS is a legendary cartoonist illustrator, in high school in the 1970s I admired Randy's strip, Chicken Guts, the lead strip for their comics section in every issue of the National Lampoon Randy has drawn for every publication -- the New York Times, Playboy, Time, Sports Illustrated, The Atlantic, Rolling Stone more than anyone can list, we had a bunch of Randy's old illustrating stories in my blog --Google them, they are great reads!

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[00:00:00]Daryl CagleHi, I'm Daryl Cagle And this is the Caglecast where we're all about political cartoons and we have three brilliant returning editorial cartoonists Adam Zyglis, Randy Enos and Rick McKee who will be showing us their Brilliant Trump cartoons.

[00:00:14]Daryl CagleAnd Adam, we're going to start with you. Adam, for the Buffalo News, he won a Pulitzer Prize and a ton of other prizes, and he has a special solo exhibition of his work at the end of September at the Cartoon Museum in Saint Just Le Martel, France, and welcome back, Adam.

[00:00:31]Adam ZyglisIt's a pleasure to be here, Daryl. Thanks for having me.

[00:00:33]Daryl CagleHere you've got, Trump, the butt of the elephant, and he has just pooped, and there's John McCain picking up his poop. This is an old favorite.

[00:00:42]Rick McKeethat's great, Adam. I love that.

[00:00:43]Adam Zyglis2017, back when there was a lot of news happening with Trump and we were drawing him furiously, this funny one about this is I, my editor at the time saw it as a very rough sketch.

[00:00:54]Adam ZyglisAnd I don't, you know, my paper, you know, overseas and especially in the UK, like potty humor is, is not only accepted, but embraced, but my editors

[00:01:04]Daryl CagleEditors really don't like poop.

[00:01:05]Adam ZyglisThey don't like poop. And in some ways I'm surprised I got away with it. But after the fact, my editor had acknowledged my editor in chief that, um, the sketch was so rough that.

[00:01:14]Adam ZyglisThe details weren't very clear. the concept was there in the sketch, but, you know, some of the, some of the minute details. So, I just, yeah, I thought it was, I just liked how his hair also formed a little tail. Yeah.

[00:01:28]Rick McKeeDid you, did you get any reaction from, readers?

[00:01:31]Adam ZyglisI did. Yeah. I mean, that was during that period of time.

[00:01:33]Adam ZyglisI was, I had a gentleman that was, I use that word loosely, was threatening me over the course of a year and a half that started with the initial campaign that Trump had. And, this was one that, that triggered him a little bit, but overall, I got this period of time, a lot of support from people who were disoriented by the fast pace of, What Trump was doing and the news he was creating and the unrest he was causing.

[00:01:56]Adam ZyglisSo I got probably more positive feedback than negative on this.

[00:01:59]Daryl Caglethis is a lovely one, Adam. this is, uh, Garbage Pail Kids Trump Card, Grifting Grandpa. Major announcement, my official Donald Trump digital trading card collection is here.

[00:02:08]Daryl CagleHold the

[00:02:09]Daryl Cagle$99 crypto accepted free classified document with every purchase. That's funny.

[00:02:14]Rick McKeeThat was a takeoff on his NFT thing.

[00:02:17]Rick McKeeThese were,

[00:02:18]Adam Zyglisthese were, yeah. his digital trading cards. And that's, that major announcement is a direct quote with the caps. the same that, that he announces digital trading cards. So it was really bizarre with this world we're living in is it's just stranger than fiction. You know, you can't hard to satirize reality when it's so bizarre.

[00:02:39]Daryl CagleI noticed this, his tie is turning into a snake.

[00:02:41]Adam ZyglisYes. Eating the money from his MAGA supporters.

[00:02:44]Daryl CagleExcellent. And here you have Trump gremlin, a new batch of election deniers. This is great.

[00:02:51]Adam ZyglisI'm a child of the 80s. You know, I got the garbage pail kid cards and gremlins. I mean, I'm showing my, uh, my age when I grew up.

[00:03:00]Adam ZyglisI love gremlins and yeah, just the new batch and every Every new batch of like MAGA supporters that is perpetuating this they seem a little bit more, you know Something is extra missing from them

[00:03:13]Rick McKeeControl

[00:03:14]Daryl CagleI find myself drawing stuff from the 70s and I see Randy drawing comic strip allusions to the 1930s all the time

[00:03:21]Randy Enosexactly

[00:03:22]Daryl CagleBecause i've been looking at some old books lately

[00:03:25]Randy Enosand I just love them so much.

[00:03:27]Daryl CagleOh that explains it.

[00:03:28]Randy EnosYeah

[00:03:28]Daryl CagleOh, here you have Trump the sow with all of the piglets on his nipples. they hang Mike Pence, Trump 2020, the Confederate battle flag, stop the steal. they are being fed by him. that's great.

[00:03:40]Adam ZyglisThis one was taken down on social media and I'm guessing because of the noose maybe, but it's just the algorithms, they catch things.

[00:03:47]Adam Zyglisyou know, possibly someone complained about it. You never know exactly what

[00:03:51]Daryl CagleI think. I think it happens from a complaint and they automatically take it down with a complaint. I've got, I do know

[00:03:56]Rick McKeethat the algorithm catches a lot of that stuff automatically, like any sort of. Klan, image, uh, Swastika, Hitler, confederate flag, the algorithm catches it and puts it through.

[00:04:07]Adam ZyglisI'm thinking the noose could be it, but.

[00:04:09]Daryl CagleAre you thinking just of Facebook?

[00:04:11]Rick McKeeUh, specifically Facebook. This was Facebook. Facebook is the one where I notice things taken down more than any place else. And you'll get thrown

[00:04:18]Rick McKeein Facebook jail for posting something like that.

[00:04:21]Daryl CagleWell, I have four Facebook pages and I put the same thing on all of them.

[00:04:25]Daryl CagleAnd I noticed that when something gets taken down, it only gets taken down on one out of four. Um, and I think that's because somebody complained about that one,

[00:04:32]Adam ZyglisThat's a good test.

[00:04:33]Daryl CagleSo here you've got Trump and he's Uncle, Sam, doing his loser sign with his now tiny hands. Uh, he says, I want you to be a loser and sucker for the U. S. Army. I think that's, that's very nice. Yeah, he gave that to us. That was a gift.

[00:04:48]Rick McKeeyou try to, if you ever get in a debate with some of these people, you try to tell them about that.

[00:04:53]Rick McKeeThey don't believe it.

[00:04:53]Adam ZyglisThey don't, yeah. It's just like selective reasoning. They don't see the stories or hear the things. And if they do, and if you tell them, they think that this was a fake news story perpetuated by the liberal media, that he didn't really say that, and it was taken out of context.

[00:05:09]Adam ZyglisThey give them 1, 000 excuses, even when it's on, you know, like an actual clip of him saying something or a video.

[00:05:17]Rick McKeeComing from his mouth.

[00:05:19]Adam ZyglisRight. Or in person hearing it from his own mouth. Right.

[00:05:25]Rick McKeeExactly.

[00:05:26]Daryl CagleUh, here's a George Floyd cartoon. You've got a fire chief Trump with his, um, knee on the neck of the fire hose that can't put out the racial, racial unrest, I think.

[00:05:38]Daryl CagleUm, Uh, that's, uh, that's, that's so iconic.

[00:05:43]Adam ZyglisThis one, I got a lot of, uh, um, pushback on a lot of hate mail. I'm glad you remembered that the new story and like his pose, because that was kind of critical to it, but it. Did people not get that? I mean,

[00:05:57]Daryl Caglehow can they forget that?

[00:05:59]Adam ZyglisAt the time, no, at the time they did.

[00:06:01]Adam ZyglisUm, but it was, uh, it was taken, you know, it's a lot of times when I have a cartoon where it touches a nerve, it'll, they'll, they'll claim that I'm being offensive to, to, you know, being racially insensitive. And I'm, I'm offending somebody else, like the victims. Even though the person complaining did people think this was racially

[00:06:23]Daryl Cagleinsensitive

[00:06:24]Adam ZyglisUm, not not people of color, but like people, you know, again, it's like a misdirection It's the it's the trump supporters

[00:06:31]Daryl Caglethat don't yes,

[00:06:33]Adam Zyglisright and but they'll claim i'm being racist.

[00:06:35]Adam ZyglisIt's like this weird, you know double speak where There's no other response to it other than i'm being racist myself By calling him racist Racist, you know, it's like a circle. It's just like a circle logic. And, um, yeah, I think just because it was, the topic was so touchy and I think when, you know, if you're a Trump supporter, you know, maybe deep down, you might know this is a vulnerability and he's wrong and you don't want to admit it.

[00:07:01]Adam ZyglisUm, you know, you get defensive when something touches a nerve

[00:07:05]Daryl CagleSo the news guy on TV is reading about the House Intel Committee and he says we've been made aware of a serious national security threat related to Russia.

[00:07:13]Daryl CagleTrump says, I would encourage Russia to do whatever the hell they want. And the news guy says, I can't really say anymore now.

[00:07:25]Rick McKeeYeah, I mean, what presidential candidate said something like that? It's just, it's mind boggling.

[00:07:33]Daryl CagleHe doesn't like Ukraine and he kind of likes Putin. Here he is with his golden tennis shoe and Trump says there's an old woman who lives in a shoe. She's only three or more like a two. She comes to my rallies and with all of the schmucks and bought my new sneakers for 400 bucks.

[00:07:52]Daryl CagleThat's very funny.

[00:07:54]Randy EnosThe beautiful drawing of the shoe. Yeah.

[00:07:57]Daryl CagleIt is. Very nice paint of the gold on this shoe. Who doesn't want

[00:08:01]Rick McKeea gold

[00:08:02]Daryl Cagletennis shoe? Uh, it's hard to paint gold.

[00:08:06]Adam ZyglisYeah. But that green undertone.

[00:08:08]SpeakerOh, I should add that this is Rick McKee. Rick McKee was the cartoonist for decades for the Augusta Chronicle in Georgia. He draws the comic strip Pluggers, and we have syndicated Rick for 20 years! And Rick is one of our podcast favorites, who draws great tennis shoes.

[00:08:25]Adam ZyglisYeah.

[00:08:25]Daryl CagleSo here you've got the bag of guy. He's on the phone. He says, quick woman, get the checkbook. Honest Don needs help paying his 464 million fraud judgment.

[00:08:35]Daryl CagleThat's so true. You don't even exaggerate.

[00:08:38]Rick McKeeI tried to throw in, you know, little things like the rotary phone,

[00:08:41]Daryl Caglelive laugh love. That's fun. And this shirt is good.

[00:08:44]Randy EnosNow talk about putting a lot of stuff on the hat.

[00:08:47]Daryl CagleHere's a serious MAGA hat. Now if I don't get elected, it's going to be a blood bath for the whole country.

[00:08:53]Daryl CagleYeah. Who says that?

[00:08:54]Rick McKeeYou know, this one got some pushback and even from some of our. More conservative cartoonists on the side, but, um,

[00:09:02]Daryl CagleDid you get other cartoonists complaining about your cartoon?

[00:09:04]Rick McKeeUm, not to me personally, but I mean, I've, I've heard, you know, stuff and, uh, to, you know, to say that that's not what he meant is just disingenuous.

[00:09:15]Rick McKeeI mean, Oh, it's exactly what

[00:09:16]Daryl Caglehe said.

[00:09:17]Rick McKeeOf course. Yeah. It's exactly what he said. and he likes to hide behind these things where, you know, he pretends like he was talking about something else. This is what he meant, you know, and that's, and that's what he said.

[00:09:27]Daryl CagleYou know, I do get complaints from some of our liberal cartoonists about our conservative

[00:09:33]Rick McKeeI imagine so. I mean, some of that stuff that I've seen is just kind of insane.

[00:09:38]Daryl CagleYes, sometimes they do some crazy stuff. Crazier, I think, than the liberal cartoonists do. So here you've got your 2024 undecided voter and he says, my heart is telling me to vote for Trump, but the voices in my head are telling me to vote for RFK Jr. And he's got all the crazy buttons.

[00:09:56]Daryl CagleThat's a great character. It's very real. Yeah.

[00:10:01]Rick McKeeyou know, that theory, right? Birds

[00:10:03]Daryl Cagletell me that

[00:10:03]Rick McKeeno, they're all robots created by the CIA and they're, they're spying on us. Oh my God. I don't know if you've ever looked that one up, but I,

[00:10:11]Adam Zyglisyou know,

[00:10:12]Adam Zyglisthat's wild.

[00:10:13]Rick McKeeYeah. It's hard to, hard to believe, but that's one of the report

[00:10:16]Adam ZyglisThrowback to the lizard people under the earth. Is that kind of, I guess so.

[00:10:19]Rick McKeeYeah. The Pedophile lizard people at the pizza place,

[00:10:23]Adam Zyglisright?

[00:10:23]Rick McKeewell

[00:10:23]Randy EnosWhen Bob Kennedy jr is president, we're going to have a lot more interesting little theories

[00:10:32]Adam ZyglisThe worm in his head, yeah I just finished I

[00:10:35]Rick McKeejust uploaded that one.

[00:10:37]Daryl CagleIt really makes the conservative cartoonists and the MAGA people angry when you draw MAGA people looking stupid.

[00:10:44]Rick McKeeI know, which is why I do it.

[00:10:45]Adam ZyglisYeah.

[00:10:46]Randy EnosBut they look stupid.

[00:10:47]Daryl CagleIt just incenses them more than anything else. You make all the fun of the world of Trump, but you make fun of them.

[00:10:52]Daryl CagleAnd,

[00:10:52]Rick McKeeWait a minute.

[00:10:53]Rick McKeeHold on a second. You said it makes the conservative cartoonists angry. It

[00:10:57]Rick McKeemakes the MAGA people angry. It makes the conservative cartoonists angry. Are

[00:11:01]Rick McKeeyou hearing from the conservative cartoonists?

[00:11:04]Daryl CagleOh, yeah. It bothers them.

[00:11:05]Rick McKeeOh, really? Yeah,

[00:11:06]Rick McKeethey're complaining.

[00:11:06]Daryl CagleThe things you draw that bothered them the most is, uh, this

[00:11:09]Rick McKeereally,

[00:11:10]Adam Zyglisit's funny, I, I'm, it's funny that car cartoonists are complaining.

[00:11:13]Adam ZyglisI mean, I think any cartoonist can draw anything. Yeah. I mean, I don't know. I guess I'm more of a, I can't imagine, complain. Even if I really don't like that cartoon, I don't complain about it. I mean, be there,

[00:11:22]Daryl Caglewell, guys are not among the complainers, but, uh. But I get, I get angry email from our cartoonists about the cartoons that other cartoonists draw.

[00:11:31]Daryl CagleYeah, no kidding to me. Oh,

[00:11:33]Rick McKeethat's, that is blew my mind a little bit.

[00:11:37]Daryl CagleAll right. Well, just know that you're doing a good job of offending those. So here you got Trump and he's mooning the statue of justice and he says, what, why is he's held in contempt of court? That's great.

[00:11:57]Rick McKeeI don't remember that. Yeah, 2022.

[00:11:59]Daryl CagleWhat court cast was that case was that, two years ago?

[00:12:02]Rick McKeeI don't even remember.

[00:12:04]Daryl CagleOh, probably E. Jean Carroll.

[00:12:05]Rick McKeeProbably. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I think, I think that was it.

[00:12:10]Daryl Cagleso you got here, Trump, your title for this was, uh, Trump hoisted on his own petard and I think that's hilarious cause who knows what a petard is and, uh, he's going to be hoisted on that.

[00:12:20]Daryl Cagleit makes me laugh. That's great.

[00:12:21]Adam ZyglisThat's a great, simple image. Did you get, did you get pushback on that? Like the noose gives me problems with, um,

[00:12:29]Daryl CagleThe noose is kind of a symbol that touches off black people and, no matter what context is used on like, like this, which is, I don't think there's any racial context to this, but,

[00:12:38]Rick McKeeyou know, I didn't, I haven't, I didn't hear from anybody on this one, so,

[00:12:42]Daryl Caglehere, I put in another one of my embarrassing.

[00:12:43]Rick McKeeOh, look at that.

[00:12:44]Daryl CagleThis one's also from 2011.

[00:12:47]Adam ZyglisYeah, he's a little more handsome. With a skinny, skinny trousers.

[00:12:50]Randy EnosNice hairdo. Oh, hair's great. I'm embarrassed by this. He should be fat. He should have the red tie and the blue suit. His face should be different. And

[00:12:59]Randy Enosthe, he looks that's from 2011.

[00:13:00]Daryl CagleYeah, we're talking about, Obama, I think back in 2011.

[00:13:04]Rick McKeeFor the record, I did not see this

[00:13:06]Daryl Caglebefore I did mine,

[00:13:07]Rick McKeebut that's great.

[00:13:08]Daryl CagleOh, yours is funnier. I like the petard thing, which nobody's going to see because it's in the title and they don't print the titles.

[00:13:14]Daryl CagleRandy Enos is a legendary cartoonist illustrator. In high school, in the 1970s, I admired Randy's strip Chicken Guts, which was the lead strip for the comic section, in every issue of the National Lampoon, which I loved as a high school student. Randy is drawn for just about every publication, the New York Times, Playboy, Times, Sports Illustrated, The Atlantic, Rolling Stone, more.

[00:13:37]Daryl CaglePublications than anyone can list. And we had a bunch of Randy's old, illustrating stories on my darylcagle. com blog. You should Google them. They are great reads and, Randy, this is a great cartoon.

[00:13:49]Daryl CagleYou've got all of these horrified people with their very iconic Randy Enos teeth.

[00:13:54]Daryl CagleThat's fantastic.

[00:13:55]Randy EnosRight. I had art directors that used to call that the, uh, telephone dial mouth.

[00:13:59]Randy EnosI always, I always felt bad about doing that because, uh, I had a friend, a cartoonist named Warren Sattler, who did mouths, and he did a ring of teeth. That's the way I remember it. He did a ring of teeth, and I always felt that I had copied him. So one day, a million years later, I was lecturing at a little college out here.

[00:14:21]Randy EnosAnd Warren was in the audience. He was visiting there because his kid wanted to go to college there, and he was looking it over, and I mentioned that I threw a slide up on the screen, and I was telling him how I had copied this from him, and after the lecture, he says, I never drew a mouth like that in my life, so I guess I didn't copy him, I don't know.

[00:14:41]Randy EnosThat's crazy.

[00:14:43]SpeakerI should add that Randy is making his old cartoons as linoleum block cuts. He's cutting into the linoleum block with a knife and then inking it with a roller, printing it on paper and scanning it in his computer.

[00:14:57]Randy EnosYeah,

[00:14:58]Randy EnosI used a nail set, by the way. I used to use, instead of the cutting tools, I used a carpenter nail set to make those little dots. Oh, so the teeth were easy, just punch, punch, punch. Yeah, yeah, you know.

[00:15:11]Daryl CagleVery good, I'm glad you're not my dentist. Okay, so here's Trump's past poop about to hit the fan.

[00:15:17]Daryl CagleYou've even got to do it on your shoe. So you're doing the

[00:15:18]Rick McKeecolor on the

[00:15:19]Daryl Caglecomputer?

[00:15:19]Randy EnosYeah, I was doing the color on the computer in these

[00:15:21]Daryl Cagledays. Here you were? Because you used to paint these onto your lino cuts in color.

[00:15:26]Randy EnosNo, no, no. Oh, yes. Well, that's a whole other story. But that's with the magazine illustrations.

[00:15:32]Randy EnosAnd, uh, when I had more time, like if I had an hour to do an illustration instead of 20 minutes, you know. so it's a long complicated procedure. I used to use Pantone papers. Do you remember them? You know, Pantone? Anybody remember that?

[00:15:47]Rick McKeeYeah, I remember.

[00:15:48]Randy EnosThey stopped making them now.

[00:15:49]Randy EnosI've got a, I've still got a ton of them. Well, I used to ink the block, uh, red, print on a green paper, ink it red again, print on a yellow paper, ink it blue, print on a green paper. The whole picture. I could theoretically take this whole picture and print it several times, different colored inks on different colored papers.

[00:16:06]Randy EnosThen I'd cut. the pieces out that I wanted to from all the different illustrations or the different prints and paste it together. I didn't go, I didn't have to go through that with this kind of situation, but that was when I was making big full blown color illustrations. You know, it was a long complicated process.

[00:16:26]Randy EnosOne time I did a rush job for Time Magazine, and we didn't have time for a rough or anything, and so quickly over the phone, I told him what I'd do, and he says, that's great. And I said, I'll get right on it. He says, okay, I'm putting, uh, I'm putting a car on the, on the road to come and get it for, you know, a limo, to come and pick it up for you right now.

[00:16:45]Randy EnosBecause in those days, Time would send a limo to your house, you In Westport, Westport was full of illustrators, you know, and so they would send the car to pick up the job. So here I am. Wow. I'm drawing on the lino cut. I am cutting, cutting like a maniac. I got all my colored papers there. I'm rolling print all this time.

[00:17:06]Randy EnosI'm visualizing this guy on the road. He's on the road. on the Merritt Parkway on his way to my house and talk about pressure. That's the kind of pressure we used to work with sometimes with these things, you know.

[00:17:19]Adam ZyglisThat's wild. I love the black texture that's got like a, that noise. I love that. It's like not a solid black, like just part of the Is that just part of the process?

[00:17:28]Adam ZyglisI think it would. Yeah,

[00:17:29]Randy EnosI think that is the, my main attraction to this medium, I think was the fact that

[00:17:36]Adam Zyglisimperfection. Yeah.

[00:17:37]Randy EnosYeah. The imperfections that would show up. And so now I'm trying to work it into my ink drawings. I'm having a heck of a time, but you know, and of course, Daryl will remember, uh, in Chicken Gutz.

[00:17:48]Randy EnosI was blotting all the time. I was sticking my thumb in the ink puddles and I'd have blotches all over the paper, you know, and sometimes I'd write oops on it, you know, and put it in. No, but the textual things is the thing I miss the most. The reason I'm not doing line of blocks anymore is because.

[00:18:06]Randy Enosof arthritis in the fingers. It's, it's a little harder to grip the cutters and do that pushing and do the printing. And also because I have a big studio in my basement, which I'm not using anymore. And I needed that kind of room down there that I have. And now I'm upstairs just on a small drawing board and I just don't have the room to do it.

[00:18:25]Randy EnosSo I switched to pen and ink. And colored pencils, which is actually the first medium I ever used in my early, early, uh, pictures, like, one of my earliest clients was Playboy magazine, and I started out doing, pen and ink things with colored pencils. And over the years with working for Playboy, I switched styles three times on them until I got into the lino cuts.

[00:18:48]Daryl CagleI should say I was in high school the early 70s and I was a big fan of the National Lampoon and Randy's cartoons led off the comic section. They had a big comic section in every issue and his was always on page one of the comic section and It just looked so different than anything else that I was used to in, comics or cartoon drawings at all.

[00:19:10]Randy EnosThat's what I was trying to do.

[00:19:12]Daryl CagleIt was actually quite bold of them to put that on the front of, the comic section and it was, wild and crazy looking and, that was fun. That loosened me up at a time when I needed some loosening up and in high school drawing too stiff It was wonderful.

[00:19:26]Daryl CagleThe National Lampoon was wonderful. And, and

[00:19:29]Randy Enosthose are the good old

[00:19:30]Randy Enosdays. The lampoon never, never gave me any flack about anything. You could do anything you want. There was no censorship. The only problem I has had was I would forget to put commas in, so the editor that would edit, she would tell me where I have to put commas in, or she put them in, in my strip.

[00:19:48]Randy EnosShe, they wanted commas in the balloons, you know. She said to me, Randy, if you just put a comma after every word, it would be easier. For me That's the only critique I ever got from them So that's

[00:20:04]Daryl Cagleyou know, they didn't have any

[00:20:06]Daryl Caglethey didn't have any computers then so it was hard for them to make all those changes

[00:20:10]Randy Enosexactly and my my best clients are people like Playboy and Oh, even NBC, where they never gave me any, um, there was no critique about what you had to do.

[00:20:21]Randy EnosAnd often I'd have clients, I had many, many clients where I didn't even have to show a rough. Boy Scout Magazine, you never have to show a rough. And, and, yeah, well, I'm too long winded, so I'm not going to get into these stories, but,

[00:20:32]Daryl CagleWell, here's another lino cut cartoon. Yeah, I love your lino cut cartoons.

[00:20:36]Daryl CagleI've got the I've got one of your lino cut cartoons here in the the living room here in uh from with The lino and and not the print and it's it's lovely as the carved block

[00:20:47]Randy Enosdid I send you a lino?

[00:20:49]Daryl CagleYes.

[00:20:50]Daryl CagleI don't remember that. What, what is it of?

[00:20:52]Daryl CagleUh, it's of a school teacher. My wife is a math teacher. Tell you what, I'm going to go take a picture of it. And in post production, I'll stick it in here. So you can, you can, now you are looking at Randy's lino cut that hangs in my living room. So here you have, Trump, uh, hugging The, Trumpy dog and he says, there's a lot of love here, a lot of love I love for America.

[00:21:12]Daryl CagleIt's a beautiful thing. Unbelievable. That's very funny.

[00:21:16]Daryl CagleI don't know. I don't remember even doing that one.

[00:21:19]Daryl CagleThat's wonderful. And it's so you.

[00:21:23]Daryl CagleOrange hair. Yeah.

[00:21:24]Adam ZyglisThe pink circle mouth, you know.

[00:21:26]Randy EnosI stay away from some of this kind of stylization because I figure editors are just going to turn off on it completely. Like, yeah, but

[00:21:33]Daryl Cagleit's fun. It is very powerful and it's very different. And, every so often

[00:21:37]Randy EnosYou're emboldening me.

[00:21:39]Daryl CagleShock people with being bold.

[00:21:41]Randy EnosAmerica First, folks. Remember that group?

[00:21:43]Daryl CagleYou know, there is a

[00:21:44]Randy EnosI don't know what that means.

[00:21:45]Daryl CagleYou know, the Europeans complain about American cartoonists being all the same, and I say, no, that's not true. We've got all these different styles. But, I think what they're reacting to is an illustrated quality that fills the space.

[00:21:57]Daryl CagleBut, I like to mix it up. And I think that something like this every so often is great to shock the reader on the page and, uh, you know, you're shocking them without bad words and obscenity, just by a graphic look. And, uh, I like that.

[00:22:10]Randy EnosI am so glad to hear you say that because I hold myself back from doing a lot of things that I really want to do, but I'm trying to stay a little straighter.

[00:22:19]Randy EnosMy new incarnation. I'm gonna, I'm gonna go back to it. You're encouraging me.

[00:22:25]Daryl CagleExcellent. Here you've got Trump and Mussolini. That's looking good. I think your lino block works for that. Very nice with the undersides of the neck.

[00:22:34]Rick McKeeVery stylized. Love that.

[00:22:35]Daryl CagleAnd the British firing at Air Force One.

[00:22:39]Daryl CagleHistoric print from the Trump collection. I didn't quite understand this one.

[00:22:42]Randy EnosThat's because he Trump made a statement in one of his speeches, he was talking about the revolutionary times, and he talked about how brave our soldiers were, and how they had to fight against the British, and how they had to protect the airports.

[00:22:58]Randy EnosI said, protect the airports. This man thinks that airplanes and we, we had, uh, we were fighting the Air Force. so that's where this came from. And

[00:23:11]Daryl Caglevery good.

[00:23:12]Randy EnosAnd I've been making fun of that comment of his ever since. I think that's one of his most outrageous comments,

[00:23:18]Rick McKeeyou know, as outrageous as that is.

[00:23:21]Rick McKeeAnd as you would think, that would be a memorable thing. He says so much. It's such an avalanche.

[00:23:27]Adam ZyglisRight? Right. It's all outrageous. Yeah,

[00:23:29]Rick McKeealmost. You forget a lot of

[00:23:31]Adam ZyglisWe're

[00:23:31]Rick McKeedesensitized

[00:23:32]Adam Zyglisto the outrage, you

[00:23:32]Rick McKeeknow, you, you think you'd remember If a former president had been held in contempt before, and if it was anybody but Trump, if Biden had ever been held in contempt for anything, everybody would remember it, but because it's Trump and it's such an avalanche of crap that, you know, and I think that's

[00:23:51]Adam Zyglisjust don't apply.

[00:23:52]Rick McKeeI think that's a strategy.

[00:23:53]Daryl CagleThe old rule used to be that a cartoonist could just exaggerate what's in the news, but when the news itself is exaggerated so much, you have to go different directions to be a little more clever and make some decisions that aren't just simple exaggeration.

[00:24:07]Daryl CagleAnd I think that, makes our, our job harder, but it's, uh, something that we should have been doing all along.

[00:24:12]Rick McKeeYeah, I, would agree. It's, it's hard to satirize. When it's just so insane already.

[00:24:18]Daryl CagleMany cartoons I see are simply just illustrations of the crazy world as it is.

[00:24:23]Rick McKeeRight,

[00:24:23]Adam Zyglisright.

[00:24:23]Daryl CagleSo here you've got the card, black card, white card, up card down, and they are all the opposites and Trump got all the questions wrong on his test.

[00:24:34]Daryl CagleAnd that's very funny.

[00:24:35]Rick McKeeThere's his doctor. That's his, what's his name?

[00:24:38]Daryl CagleYeah, it's his doctor's teeth too. First the rats, then the children. You've got your Pied Piper Trump. We all draw a Pied Piper Trump. This is an excellent one.

[00:24:48]Randy EnosRight. Thanks.

[00:24:50]Daryl CagleTrump's odor reveal. Phew. Smells like armpits, ketchup, a butt, and makeup.

[00:24:54]Daryl CagleYou have to pass a break. All his shower stalls are full of secret documents. With a little 1930s, running off here. You've got nothing but blue, pants to identify Trump.

[00:25:04]Rick McKeeNo, the red tie

[00:25:05]Adam Zyglisand the red tie

[00:25:06]Randy Enosand the smell.

[00:25:07]Daryl CagleYeah, of course. Very good. I'll edit that out so I sound smarter. Here's Foxy News and she says, Sir, can you sum up in one word what your basic goal is if you win back the presidency?

[00:25:22]Daryl CagleAnd he says, Yes, revenge. There's no exaggeration there. You're just drawing what's on the news. I mean, there was a time when we would exaggerate. Right,

[00:25:31]Daryl Cagleyeah.

[00:25:31]Daryl Cagleand this is lovely.

[00:25:32]Randy EnosYeah, look at that.

[00:25:33]Daryl CagleJoin or die. Right. Very nice. I could see that Benjamin Franklin tattooed on my chest.

[00:25:39]Daryl CagleAny of you ever get an email from someone who made a tattoo out of one of your cartoons?

[00:25:44]Randy EnosYes,

[00:25:45]Adam ZyglisI did. Yeah,

[00:25:46]Rick McKeethat's crazy, isn't it?

[00:25:47]Adam ZyglisYes, very crazy..

[00:25:48]Randy EnosWell,

[00:25:48]Randy Enosmine was a, uh, an illustration for, Rolling Stone of, um, what's his name? I can never think of the guy's name. The, uh, the guy that thinks he looks like Mick Jagger, you know, that, uh, guitarist.

[00:25:58]Randy EnosTyler Steven Tyler. Yeah, I did Steven Tyler. Right. I did Steven Tyler with his flamboyant clothes. But, spilling out of his mouth are all his outrageous colors and stuff. I did, I kept them off the body. I kept the body sort of black and white and everything's spilling out of his, mouth.

[00:26:17]Randy EnosSo it's a pretty large illustration. And, uh, so years ago, this guy wrote to me and he said that, uh, he was afraid to write to me, but five years before he had had this illustration tattooed on his back. And he showed me. Photographs of this tattoo artist who looked like she was about 16 years old tattooing on his back and from his neck down to his waist is this big Steven Tyler.

[00:26:42]Adam ZyglisOh my God.

[00:26:42]Rick McKeeWow.

[00:26:43]Randy EnosAnd, and,

[00:26:44]Daryl CagleMakes you wonder who he should pay the royalty on his back to.

[00:26:47]Randy EnosThat's right.

[00:26:47]Daryl CagleIs it you or is it Steven Tyler?

[00:26:47]Randy EnosWas afraid to

[00:26:50]Randy Enoscontact me. And the only reason he did contact me was because he had a little space on his upper right back and he wanted to know if I had any pictures of Tom Petty.

[00:27:01]Rick McKeeGolly!

[00:27:02]Daryl CagleThat's where he's gotta put your signature!

[00:27:04]Randy EnosHe also had pictures of himself with,

[00:27:06]Rick McKeeWhen I, when I, when we leave this, I'm gonna go, I'm gonna go Google I'm googling it right

[00:27:11]Adam Zyglisnow. I know, I can't find it.

[00:27:14]Rick McKeeOh, that's got to be out there.

[00:27:16]Randy EnosHow can you find it? I've never seen it on, any of the, uh, not YouTube, but the, uh, Google images.

[00:27:21]Adam ZyglisThere is a cartoon you did with Cagle of, Steven Tyler, um, But it's it's not the same.

[00:27:27]Randy EnosOh, that's another one. It's a giant mouth, but it works. Right, right, right, right.

[00:27:30]Randy EnosNo, I know that one. No, that's different.

[00:27:32]Daryl CagleSo here's Trump with his money head and he looks like a tree. Contempt charges. Tell us about this one, Randy.

[00:27:39]Randy EnosContempt charges. I don't remember now what this is.

[00:27:43]Rick McKeeI wonder if this is back from 22. Oh,

[00:27:44]Randy Enoswell, I guess, I guess maybe spring had just come or something and I'm showing the tree and I just wanted to make his image, make him look like a tree. and all the money that he's, that he was expending for these contempt charges he was facing.

[00:27:58]Daryl CagleHere you've got him putting together the truth, and the truth is not quite right.

[00:28:04]Randy EnosI love big, big black letters like that, playing with the

[00:28:08]Daryl Caglespace. Here's your round Trump, definitely not a flight risk.

[00:28:14]Randy EnosWhen he first started going to the court, things,

[00:28:16]Daryl Cagleyeah, there's no chance he's gonna fly.

[00:28:18]Daryl CagleIt looks great. Yeah. And here are your mega people. They're all doing their, uh, Nazi salutes. well, of course that just drives them crazy for you to draw something like this, but editors don't like any Nazi references like this.

[00:28:30]Randy EnosWell, if he gets elected, they're going to have to get used to it.

[00:28:34]Daryl CagleYou know, again, it's not an exaggeration because you've got Charlottesville and you've got plenty of, nutty Nazis who are going to be going out and voting. Well,

[00:28:41]Rick McKeeI mean, you got Trump quoting Hitler, you know, at his rallies.

[00:28:45]Daryl CagleI did a whole podcast on Trump Hitler.

[00:28:47]Randy EnosYeah, his favorite author

[00:28:49]Daryl CagleThe summer blizzard of Trump books, there was that time when all the Trump books fell at the same time I think just strategically a few months before the election Yep, I did it.

[00:28:59]Daryl CagleI did a blizzard of this is There you go Books as well I'm, sorry

[00:29:05]Randy EnosYours is better .

[00:29:06]Daryl CagleOh, well I enjoyed drawing this one. I like yours, beautiful books. Yours has, yours has much more action. That's great. But, uh, I love drawing this and I don't think it got printed much. It wasn't something that,

[00:29:16]Adam Zyglisuh, I like that one.

[00:29:17]Daryl CagleYeah.

[00:29:18]Adam ZyglisI like when there's, it's simple, but there's detail. Like it's, it's, yeah. Like, you know, it doesn't take a lot to get through, but you can sit and look at it for a while. I think mine was, um, the bird. Because

[00:29:28]Daryl Caglethese are the actual books.

[00:29:29]Adam ZyglisRight, right. And that's what makes it kind of cool.

[00:29:31]Daryl CagleActually, that is so easy to do in Photoshop because these book covers are rectangles so you just drag each corner onto the little blank books I drew.

[00:29:39]Daryl CagleAnd I've never had a chance to do that again.

[00:29:41]Randy EnosIt's Well, you're such a tech whiz.

[00:29:44]Daryl CagleHey, that is the last one. We are at the end of our podcast, gentlemen. Okay. I I enjoyed having you guys.

[00:29:51]Rick McKeeAdam. It's good to see you and Randy. Nice to meet you.

[00:29:54]Randy EnosNice to meet you Rick.

[00:29:55]Adam ZyglisIt's great to see you Rick, Daryl

[00:29:56]Daryl Cagle

[00:29:57]Daryl CagleExcellent. You guys are great on the podcast and we'll just have to do a whole bunch more.

[00:30:02]Randy EnosOkay. Sounds good.

[00:30:03]Daryl CagleSo remember to like and subscribe to the Caglecast wherever you're watching this and join our mailing list at And you will never miss out on a new Caglecast and I will keep you updated on all the best, most popular cartoons as they come out. And, any interesting cartoon news that happens. So And we do appreciate your subscribing on YouTube because we really are trying to make this work on YouTube.

[00:30:32]Randy EnosBye. My pleasure. Thank you, Daryl.

[00:30:34]Daryl CagleSee you later.