Support Monte Wolverton! #4

Daryl has a conversation with brilliant, veteran cartoonist, Monte Wolverton, who is best known for his work with Mad Magazine and for his famous, cartoonist father, Basil Wolverton, who was one of the founding “Gang of Idiots” at Mad Magazine. Monte shows some of his favorite cartoons, talks about his father’s most famous drawing, “The […]

Daryl has a conversation with brilliant, veteran cartoonist, Monte Wolverton, who is best known for his work with Mad Magazine and for his famous, cartoonist father, Basil Wolverton, who was one of the founding "Gang of Idiots" at Mad Magazine. Monte shows some of his favorite cartoons, talks about his father's most famous drawing, "The Ugliest Girl in the World" and talks about his crowd funding campaign on, where he asks for support from fans for his hard-hitting liberal cartoons as newspapers grow more timid in their decline. Keep Monte drawing! Don't let a unique voice from the left be lost to the public debate!



[00:00:00]Daryl CagleHey everybody. I'm Daryl Cagle, and this is the Caglecast from Cagle.comand Kegel cartoons. We're a newspaper syndicate and we have around 500 plus papers and we have about 60 cartoonists that we represent . We put out about 120, 130 cartoons a week, and we have some great cartoonists, brilliant cartoonists, and, one of the most brilliant is here with me today.

[00:00:30]Monte WolvertonThanks, Darrell. Good

[00:00:32]Daryl Cagleto be here.

[00:01:31]Monte WolvertonI think it's, uh, kind of to be expected, the progression of things, businesses change all the time and we have to move with the, with the dynamics. And I think that's what we're doing here. Oh, look, here's one of my cartoons. There you go.

[00:01:47]Daryl CagleUh, it's Putin

[00:01:49]Monte Wolvertonand you're gonna read,

[00:01:50]Daryl Cagleand we've got rockets falling all over and they're falling on Ukraine.

[00:02:02]Monte WolvertonYeah. This, this was fun. It's kind of similar to one that I did about moa Mark Kfi, uh, quite a few years ago. That what would it have been 10 years ago or so? Probably, probably more, except in his case the rockets were falling on him.

[00:02:24]Daryl Cagleis a nice strong visual. It, it's strong. I like this. Uh, you're making not one of your usual. L liberal cartoons, but, uh, it's, uh,

[00:02:33]Monte Wolvertonit's a lot's particularly liberal. Uh, he's making a sarcastic comment. It's, it's probably insensitive. That's the kind of guy he is.

[00:02:50]Daryl CagleThat's true. Now this is a liberal cartoon and, uh, that's, I think that's kind of sad because why the heck should this be a liberal cartoon? [00:03:00] It's only because it's the conservatives that are, are trying to ban books.

[00:03:17]Monte WolvertonIt's, it's sad. Uh, you know, there's a guy named, uh, Jason Stanley, who wrote a great book called How Fascism Works, and he points out in there that the banning of books, the suppression of information, the suppression of a free.

[00:04:11]Daryl CagleI just find it ironic that this is, uh, a cartoon from the left. But it is, that's where, where we live.

[00:04:43]Monte WolvertonMonty. So yes, this is, I, I just love drawing these kinds of elephants. They're kind of cuddly and kind of rubbery. With that texture that I use there, So you do

[00:04:55]Daryl Caglehave a very interesting, uh, distinctive style with, uh, all [00:05:00] the rubbery and the texture.

[00:05:01]Monte WolvertonThey're fun to draw and I used to not put tusks in, and now I started putting tusks in for some reason.

[00:05:42]Daryl CagleThis is the kind of cartoon that I would expect to be popular on your social media and. Uh, reprinted in newspapers at

[00:05:53]Monte Wolvertonall? I believe it was.

[00:05:57]Daryl CagleI didn't, I didn't check the stats on this one, [00:06:00] but, uh, you know, cartoons that are, uh strongly Republican bashing from the left. Yeah. Ted not to get much ink. Because uh, you know, editors like to be middle of the road. They like to do things that nobody's gonna disagree with but on your social media, your fans are all progressive like you, and these are the cartoons that they like best.

[00:06:23]Monte WolvertonYeah. I got a, like a lot of likes, uh, for this one on on. as I

[00:06:28]Daryl Caglerecall. That's one of the things that I think is interesting is we're we're trying to do the crowdfunding for the artists. Um, what an interesting difference it will make in.

[00:08:40]Monte WolvertonAnd gratefully, we acknowledge your contribution and thank you for your support, .

[00:08:45]Daryl CagleOkay, uh, here's another one. This is couple and they're watching Biden on TV, signing a 1.7 trillion spending bill, and the says you had another government shut down [00:09:00] narrowly averted. Oh, the drama.

[00:09:03]Monte WolvertonThis is one of those, uh, uh, a couple watching the news and making commentary on it.

[00:09:47]Daryl CagleGood for a lot of cartoons. Bad for everybody though. Yeah. Um I draw a lot of couple watching TV cartoons too, because, uh, actually it's, it's a cheap cartoonist trick and it, it lets us draw on [00:10:00] any subject without having to worry about how to draw that subject.

[00:10:02]Monte WolvertonWell, yeah. It is, it

[00:10:03]Daryl Cagleis a cheap trick and when I do it, I draw a point of view from the back of the television so I don't have to draw what's on the screen. So, I am certainly lazier than you.

[00:10:15]Monte WolvertonI could have done that, but you know, in this case you had to kind of had to show Joe signing the bill kind of , so that works that way.

[00:10:33]Daryl CagleYeah, I do that. Yeah. Uh, okay, so here's the mental hospital, the asylum for the fiscally demented. And the crazy Republican elephants are all in their straight jackets, uh, looking crazy and demented, and the doctors are standing there saying, okay, time for your medications, Monty.

[00:10:56]Monte Wolvertonthis was about, um, Biden's, uh, comment [00:11:00] that the g o p is fiscally demented, or at least has some kind of cognitive dissonance about fiscal matters. Uh, they're So

[00:11:10]Daryl Caglethis is a cartoon based on a Biden quote. It

[00:11:13]Monte Wolvertonis, yes. They seem, they seem to have forgotten that they, that they, uh, cut revenue, uh, a few years.

[00:11:42]Daryl Cagleknow, I should add money.

[00:12:05]Monte WolvertonWell, I, when I, when I started off doing, comic strips and stuff in college, it wasn't exactly the same way. But then later on I started kind of picking up my dad's, uh technique and style and all the, all the little lines and all the, the stippling and, and stuff, which, which takes, takes a lot of time.

[00:12:38]Daryl CagleMisinformation. So you've got a, another ugly Republican elephant with his, uh,

[00:12:43]Monte Wolvertonbig, I think he's cute.

[00:12:49]Daryl CagleOkay. He's a cute Republican elephant and he's, he's got his, uh, trunk sticking out, saying misinformation and hanging on at his signs. Whitewash black history, QAN on [00:13:00] stolen election, immigration, voting rights. Um, good, good looking and very clear, you know, editorial cartoonists like signs and

[00:13:08]Monte Wolvertonlabels.

[00:13:43]Daryl CagleThat's fascinating. So you based this cartoon on Elephant Anatomy?

[00:13:50]Monte WolvertonNo, that's, that's just misinformation. You could more be more critical in your thinking, Darryl, I think.

[00:13:59]Daryl CagleOkay. [00:14:00] Very good. Monty, this next one, uh, is the old man in the hospital. He's got, uh, I should add that I explain all of these cartoons because this is also an audio podcast and people are listening to this and not knowing what the pictures are. If you don't. If you wanna look at the pictures, you can come to our Cagle site.

[00:15:22]Monte WolvertonWell, he could, he could be an old guy. I think he's really only in his thirties.

[00:15:30]Daryl Cagleof cartoonists. You know, we're all old guys. Almost all the cartoonists are over 60. And, uh, you know, almost all the the newspaper readers are also over 60, so we are drawing for a like group, but we do get a lot of criticism for not being diverse and not having younger people in the profession.

[00:16:17]Monte Wolvertonon. People are putting off healthcare, older people are putting off healthcare. Younger people are putting off healthcare, uh, because they can't afford it, because they can't afford the insurance. And then things get worse.

[00:16:51]Daryl Caglea terrible ekg. Yes, it is. I might point out that younger people tend not to think about and worry about healthcare so much as older, older people.

[00:17:09]Monte WolvertonWell until they, until they need it. My comment to to young people would be, well, it's coming for you. So it's an issue.

[00:17:21]Daryl Cagleit is issue. It's a serious issue. Okay, here's the g o p ugly elephant, uh, cute elephant.

[00:17:46]Monte Wolvertonblank. , there's no plan. The paper is ba blank. Uh, it, it could be argued that, neither does the, neither do Democrats have a plan to stop inflation.

[00:18:17]Daryl CagleSo, uh, another cartoon that your readers would like Ed, yet? The newspaper editors probably would not simply because it takes a position,

[00:18:27]Monte Wolvertonit does take a position and I, I thought newspaper editors would, would probably buy this one, but I don't, I don't think they did so much.

[00:18:36]Daryl CagleOkay. Here's Lady Justice and she's got her sword and she's chasing after Trump, who we know because he's got his red tie. She says, you'll never escape. I can smell your tanning spray.

[00:18:49]Monte WolvertonYeah. Well, justice is eventually going to, uh, catch up, uh, to, to Mr.

[00:19:18]Daryl Caglethat's a, well, I also think of justice as having one boob hanging out. And uh, you know, that's one of those taboos for us too, that we get a lot of complaints from the European cartoonists, uh, hahaha. You Americans cannot draw such things, and we actually can't because, of course you can draw whatever you want, but if you drew it, nobody would print it.

[00:19:46]Monte WolvertonUh, yeah, I don't know if this is, uh, exactly the shape of the justice statue, but I thought I handled it and, a good taste. I don't know if it's a charm. I have to ask a Frenchman. Yeah.

[00:19:59]Daryl CagleUh, [00:20:00] I should say we go to a editorial cartooning convention.

[00:20:21]Monte Wolvertonsomewhere where you're, where you're truly appreci.

[00:20:26]Daryl CagleHere people tend to hate us. At least we hear more from those people.

[00:20:31]Monte WolvertonYeah. We're so divisive. You know, look at me, I'm

[00:20:35]Daryl Cagledivisive. All you know, uh, the biggest newspaper chain in America, Ginette, which, uh, not long ago, had close to 500 papers. Decided to drop all editorial cartoons in all their papers because, The editorial cartoons are divisive.

[00:20:57]Monte Wolvertonactually, we're not divisive. [00:21:00] We may do some divisive things, but we're trying. , at least I am, to get people to pull back and take a broader view and laugh a little at the stuff that's happening and not take it so seriously.

[00:21:16]Daryl CagleThere were the years of the Trump administration where cartoonists were drawing, I would say a majority of cartoons were about Trump and they just didn't get printed because editors would not print cartoons about Trump and. Recall the frustration among cartoonists, you, among them. Me, we wanted to draw Trump and you know, you're drawing it only for yourself because it's just not gonna get printed.

[00:21:41]Monte WolvertonThat's why I, I took to, uh, putting Trump slightly off, out of the frame and a lot of cartoons because all you gotta Do you think that helped? Yeah. All you gotta, I don't know. All you gotta have is a red tie, . I know it's

[00:21:53]Daryl CagleTrump. Well that certainly makes 'em easier

[00:21:56]Monte Wolvertonto. It does. Yeah. And that, [00:22:00]

[00:22:00]Daryl Cagleokay, so this next cartoon has the header, holiday scammers dream victim, and the nu looking nerd says, oh boy, a free smart tv.

[00:22:21]Monte WolvertonThat's, that's, that's very good characterization. Uh, unfortunately there are plenty of vulnerable people like this, uh, out there who keep scammers in business. A lot of, I think

[00:22:32]Daryl Cagleparticularly among the elderly audience of newspapers,

[00:22:35]Monte Wolvertonthat's just exactly what I was gonna say.

[00:23:11]Daryl Cagleasks.

[00:23:21]Monte WolvertonYes. Y yeah. . Yeah, I do . I don't know how else to do it. .

[00:23:30]Daryl CagleOkay. Next cartoon couple are looking at, uh, two burning fires of social media and crypto, and the man says, what's that?

[00:23:49]Monte WolvertonThat's, that's good. It almost sounded like it was out my outta money. Python. Um, oh, uh, yeah. Here's, here's another case of a couple commenting on the news [00:24:00] and, except they're not looking at the television.

[00:24:05]Daryl Caglesome burning signs, which makes sense for us. Editorial cartoonists, cuz we do so many labels and.

[00:24:12]Monte WolvertonLabels and signs, and then smoke and stuff. Smoke and fire are always in the news, so you can kind of play off of that. And uh, and I think this, this one got fairly good results.

[00:24:31]Daryl Caglereally left or right. And then when the news is about, uh, burning social media and burning crypto editors like that. So here's some more burning. The header is welcome to the Epoch of Fire, and the city is on fire with, uh, the devil in front.

[00:24:56]Monte WolvertonYeah. Here's another character. I, I've used the [00:25:00] devil character a lot and I have this one devil that I do. , what he's suggesting here that's different I think is, is that we're really getting collectively what we deserve.

[00:25:26]Daryl Caglecity on

[00:25:27]Monte Wolvertonfire.

[00:25:38]Daryl CagleYeah. Yeah. All right. This one, the header says, A gun violence victim speaks from the afterlife. Your thoughts and prayers and $4 will get me a cup of coffee.

[00:25:51]Monte Wolvertonlaws. Uh, yeah, this, this one disturbed me as I, as I did it, and, and I, [00:26:00] I kinda, she's a victim and

[00:26:01]Daryl Cagleshe's dead, and she's an a angel. She's,

[00:26:03]Monte WolvertonI hoped it disturbed everyone. The sort of, the sort of irony, I think that's irony. I don't know. Let's assume for the sake of argument there's an afterlife and, uh, and that, uh, it's limited to Homo sapien.

[00:26:21]Daryl Caglethen you figure, so there's no doggies in

[00:26:23]Monte Wolvertonheaven. Well, I think there's gonna be ducks in heaven, but this is just for the sake of argument. So, uh, you figure about 110 billion, that's what they say, 110 billion homo sapiens have lived in the last two th a hundred thousand, uh, 200,000 years.

[00:27:21]Daryl CagleWell, very good. And uh, unfortunately, that one is also a very liberal cartoon.

[00:28:23]Monte WolvertonIs that, is that, isn't that funny? It, there's, there's, uh, three reasons that people, that this might have been success. , uh, editors like bulldozers, that could be a reason. , uh, people are concerned or editors believe that people are concerned about housing, which they are. Housing prices going, going up, and about to to

[00:28:46]Daryl Caglecrash.

[00:28:55]Monte WolvertonI don't think it's, uh, popularity had anything to do with any of those reasons, though. I think it's people [00:29:00] like gravel. People Like gravel. Yeah. That's great.

[00:29:09]Daryl Cagleto earth. I think you really took joy in doing the gravel

[00:29:12]Monte Wolvertonon this. I did. I took great joy in. It took about, uh, it took a couple of days just to do the gravel.

[00:29:19]Daryl CagleYeah. This is your second most popular cartoon ever, and you've been with us like 15 years, Monty.

[00:29:32]Monte WolvertonIt seems like it's been longer than that, I think to 98 time just crawls by, is it 1998? Is that 15 years? It is, as a matter of fact, no, wait a minute. 98 . That's

[00:29:45]Daryl Caglefunny. That's 25 years. We, we hadn't started yet in 1998. Oh, okay.

[00:29:52]Monte WolvertonThat was the, that was the preliminary things.

[00:29:56]Daryl CagleUm, so this is Monty's second most popular cartoon, [00:30:00] and the firemen are, uh, pointing their hose at the hospital that's on fire and smoking. And, uh, one fireman says there's no fire. It's just healthcare workers burning

[00:30:10]Monte Wolvertonout, healthcare workers burning out.

[00:30:46]Daryl CagleAnd that's also, uh, you know, probably the top topic that editors want is, healthcare for their elderly audience that's mostly interested in that. So of course editors are gonna want this. Yeah, I get it. [00:31:00] Okay. This cartoon. Is Lena de Hyena, and I put this in here because you have such a famous cartoonist father, and this is one of the most famous cartoons ever.

[00:31:23]Monte WolvertonIn, in 19 46, my dad had been working in, in, uh, been working in comic books for, for years.

[00:32:11]Daryl CagleI should add that at this time, Al Cap was drawing the Labner and, lead in the Hyena was popular character that you never saw in Little Abner, and Little Abner was just crazy popular.

[00:32:33]Monte Wolvertonand the judges of the contest were no less than Boris Karloff, Salvador d. And Frank Sinatra

[00:33:32]Daryl Caglethey must have gotten tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of entries to this contest because, uh, little Abner was, don't ubiquitous.

[00:33:42]Monte WolvertonUh, Jack Davis submitted an entry. He submitted I think three entries. Uh, and he's, he's a, he's a big name. There were several, several big names that submitted entries.

[00:34:20]Daryl Caglewell this made a, made a career for him and it's what, uh, launched him into mad. It

[00:34:26]Monte Wolvertondid. Yes. And he did. There's a cover of MAD number 11, which is similar to this, and some people think it's Lena, but it's not. Lena, look up mad number 11, you'll see the difference.

[00:34:37]Daryl CagleI do remember that. And that's also, uh, very famous.

[00:34:41]Monte WolvertonWell, so there we go.

[00:34:43]Daryl CagleI just want to reiterate that. Monty is, uh doing, uh, crowdfunding on our site and it's at, And, as our clients die off, we want to see if we can [00:35:00] ask the fans to support the cartoonists that they love.

[00:35:20]Monte Wolvertongot, he, he's sort of the family company, uh, kind of thing, you know? Oh,

[00:35:24]Daryl Cagleyeah. Yeah. I just, uh, I want the cartoonist to draw stronger cartoons and, uh, we wanted to lead off on cartoonist crowdfunding with Monty because, Uh, he is very much on the left and he draws very strong cartoons and he's very unique and I think that he's someone that should have, a supportive fan base and someone that I would really hate to lose from editorial cartooning.

[00:36:07]Monte WolvertonWell, at times this has been a, a challenging, uh, profession. It has never been really enough to make a full-time job out of.

[00:37:35]Daryl CagleWell, we love you, Monty, and, uh, we want you to keep drawing. Don't ever quit , and, uh, be as hard hitting as you want, even if we can't get the newspapers to.

[00:37:46]Monte WolvertonOkay. I'll continue to do that. . In fact, I think I have a, I think, I think I'm late on the, on the, uh, on the next car too, aren't I? Oh,

[00:37:54]Daryl Cagleyou're always late, Monty, so, oh, thank you. Uh, thank you so much for, uh, being [00:38:00] with us and being with Monty. And, uh, everyone, please remember to subscribe to Cagle Cas. Go to, but wherever you're watching this, please just click the subscribe button so that you don't miss us.

[00:38:58]Monte WolvertonThank you Darrell. [00:39:00] It's been great fun. .

[00:39:02]Daryl CagleOkay, that's the end, and uh, we'll see you on the next Caglecast.